Rooney Mara and Kate Mara at the Animal Equality’s Inspiring Global Action Los Angeles Gala

Posted on October 29, 2018

A rare DOUBLE MARA sighting in the wild, kittens! Come, let us examine their plumage displays together!



As you can see, these Maras have adopted oppositional forms in relation to each other. Each Mara is letting you know two things here. First, that she’s a Mara. Second, that she’s not that other Mara.


(Third, and not admitted by either Mara: “I’m the pretty one.”)


The Rooney Mara almost had us until we got to the hem of her dress, which is just too goofy for us to notice anything else. Although when we manage to rip our eyes away from it, we go straight to the hair, which has not been changed in several years and really could use a serious freshening up. Time to bust out the big guns, girl. Time to do that time-honored tradition of all brunette ladystars when she needs to give her image a new spin and snag herself some press. Time, in other words, for the blonde pixie, Rooney.

Y’know, it took us forever to even notice she’s wearing a leather harness. We’re so used to her form of weirdness we don’t even notice it anymore. All the more reason to do something shocking with her look. Get a mohawk, dye it purple or shave it all off, but it’s time for something new, Mara.


The Kate Mara went a darker route. It’s not terrible, but it all comes off pretty generic. She’s got two style modes that work really well for her. Sassy Urban Hipster (like when she’s out and about with husband Jamie Bell, who also looks great in the style) or Preppy Princess (because she’s … y’know, her). This sort of lite-goth – or worse, lite Rooney cosplay – does very little for her and renders her kind of forgettable.

Fly south, Maras. Where you can molt and come back with new, bright plumage for us to judge.


Style Credits:
Rooney Mara: Hiraeth White Dress and Harness
Kate Mara: Hiraeth Black Dress

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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