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Posted on June 16, 2013

Quick, let’s jet off to Singapore tonight, darlings!

The Mad Men Attic Bar, Singapore

Granted, the band may make it difficult to watch the episode, but we couldn’t resist the name.




And people are still trying to parse meaning out of these things, even after Matthew Weiner admitted that they’re designed to not reveal anything substantial about the coming episode. Weiner also came right out and said this week that nobody is going to die this season. You would think that would dash the dreams of the Megan-IS-Sharon-TateOMFG crowd, but we doubt it even slowed them down.

Then again, when Matthew said Bob Benson isn’t necessarily gay, we responded with a 6-thousand word O RLY? so we suppose we don’t have a lot of room to be snotty about it. But we’ll always defend a well-argued and supported close textual reading placed in the context of the times over declaring certain fruits harbingers of death.

When Megan doesn’t get brutally murdered by hippie spree killers somehow winding up in her Manhattan apartment, we’re going to see massive temper tantrums online. Calling it now.

We keep saying this: Mad Men is not the kind of show that signals its plot developments through secret codes. This is not Twin Peaks or Lost. It’s an extremely low-key period drama with some slight soap opera touches to it, that frequently employs the literary technique of foreshadowing, which, for some reason, a lot of people decided to treat like a Da Vinci Code this season, rather than a simple storytelling device to give scenes more resonance and depth.That’s it. That’s all it’s ever been.

We realize there’s no small irony to us being the ones saying this, but it is possible to overanalyze this show and lose sight of what the creators are actually trying to do.


How’s your Fathers Day going?









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