PR: Sing a Song of Birdseed and Pee Pads

Posted on August 05, 2011

When we can tell the commentariat is more eager to talk about the runner-up looks than the winner and the auf-ee, that’s when we know those judge bitches effectively pushed some buttons. So let’s get to it, minions. You know you want to.

Like many in the T Lounge, as well as on the twitter (which we still call “der tvitter” because S3 finalist Uli once asked us “Are you on der tvitter?”) we did the gay gasp when this walked out. Watching him in the work room, we really weren’t sure Anthony was going to pull this one off.

But pull it off he did; although it’s not without its issues.

The collar was really fantastic; it’s dramatic and took what could have been a very standard look somewhere better.

And the styling was dead-on. Pretty and modern, but clean.

And we really love the way he styled that belt. Although we hated the uber-matchy shoes.

The boy definitely has good instincts and a sense of design and style.

But we agreed with the judges (except Heidi, of course) that the skirt was too short. What made it worse, in our eyes, was that it looked  like he just took a pair of scissors and hacked off the bottom. It’s a very unfinished hem. It’s not really a hem at all.

And while it fit well, or at least better than Olivier’s, it was too noticabley stiff. We had to laugh when the judges were gushing, “She could wear this to a party right now!” Yeah, so long as she flew there under her own power and stood all night once she got there. Come on now, bitches. Let’s not make practical arguments for a dress that would give Tippi Hedren nightmares.

But here’s something of note, and it confirms exactly what Lorenzo was saying while the rest of us were screaming about Olivier’s win. Nina tweeted this last night:

“Reading your tweets. I think that the birdseed dress was a too literal Mcqueen inspiration. Too bad that argument was edited from the show.”

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Collection

She’s got a point. Bear in mind, we don’t think she’s saying Anthony ripped anyone off, and we doubt she’d claim that his dress looks too much like any one McQueen dress, but that collar really makes the dress, and once you realize how much it borrows (whether intentional or not) from other, more famous and lauded versions, then you have to question whether you’re looking at a great design or just another muslin dress covered in glued-on crap.

Don’t get us wrong; it’s really good glued-on crap, but when you think about how many muslin dresses with glued-on crap the judges have seen over the years (including several that got the win), we can understand why they couldn’t bring themselves to work up the same amount of excitement all over again. Let that be a lesson to future contestants when it comes to the unconventional materials challenge: the judges are over the whole glued-on crap thing.

Granted, Olivier had his share of glued-on crap, but it wasn’t the entirety of the design. There was a shape, however unflattering it may have been, and an idea behind Olivier’s that went beyond muslin and glue. We still love Anthony’s design, but while it was arguably prettier than Olivier’s it wasn’t as well designed or as fresh an idea. And let’s not forget that Anthony’s entry last week was similarly low on actual design technique but loaded with tacked-on embellishments.

And since we’re being so contrarian, we might as well admit that we think they made the right choice keeping Bryce in, even after he did this.

We won’t bore you with point-by-point analysis here.

It really doesn’t merit it.

It’s just pure unadulterated bad, from top…

… to bottom.

There really isn’t one thing we can say in defense of this garment. Hell, even he couldn’t. Heidi asked him who the girl was who’d wear this, and he couldn’t answer the question. VERY bad sign to the judges. But Josh got two chances and the second one should have been when he found his balls and pulled something together to prove himself, but instead he wimped out and chose the easiest materials and made the most basic dress. Bryce’s is pure crack, but he hadn’t given the judges reason to doubt him prior to this and you can’t really say he made something boring out of easy materials. He tried and failed, whereas Josh just failed. For the second time.

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for, – Screencaps:]

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