Pairs Division: Karen Gillan and Matt Smith

Posted on July 27, 2011

Another shoutout to the fangurls. And also because we just adore these two and we’re salivating for the return of the show because OMG, River Song, you guys.

Sorry, people who don’t watch Doctor Who. You’ll have to suffer through some geekiness with this one so we can get to the clothes.

Karen Gillan and Matt Smith attend a “Doctor Who” Series 6 DVD signing in Los Angeles.

Obviously this ain’t the Cannes film festival here, so let’s not get too bitchy, now.

HE: We just adore that he always looks like he just arrived from 1987. Stone-washed denim jacket! Big hair, big sunglasses, and pegged pants! And somehow, it all works on him. A lot of guys should never, under any circumstances, attempt this look, but something about Matt’s unusual looks and singular personality allows him to pull this off without looking over 2 decades out of style. Score: 8/10. We can’t really give anyone a 10 for such a casual outfit and besides, we’d never go so far as to say it’s stylish. It’s just that this suits him so well and it’s so right for this kind of appearance. Also, because his hair is amazing.

SHE: Almost looks good. The dress is sort of cute (although it looks like a First Holy Communion dress from 1972), but the neck is too high for her to be wearing her hair like that; her makeup is too heavy and – we admit this is nitpicky – her shoes match her hair. Pull that hair back, tone down the eye makeup, and slap on a pair of black – or better yet, metallic – sandals and this one would be a keeper. We are inclined to be kind because, like we said, this isn’t a film festival or premiere and also because this is the cutest goddamn thing ever seen on the internet. Score: 7/10. It seems strange to score her lower than him when she’s more dressed up, but she got more details wrong than he did.

Combined score: 7.5/10, which is pretty good considering the venue.

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Squee for us, fangurls. Squee.

[Photo Credit: Akpanudosen/Wireimage – Video Credit: BBCAmericaTV via]

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