2011 MTV Movie Awards Part 2

Posted on June 06, 2011

Darlings, we still have plenty of bitchy work to do. We realize it’s a Monday and you may need to mainline coffee just to get through the day, but your services as a bitch are required. Get yourself a Red Bull or something. Ready? Then we’ll begin.

Pin Alyson Michalka in Ramy Brook

A bit much for the MTV MAs. Looks like a bedsheet.

PinAshley Bell

Very sweet and cute. Could have used some color somewhere, given how pale she is. We would have recommended some attention-getting shoes.

PinBlake Lively in Michael Kors

Gotta admit; she really looks good here. The only thing we’d change is the hair, which is a bit severe.

PinBrooklyn Decker in No. 21

There’s something kind of fabulously “disco Rosemary’s Baby” about this dress, but we think it would have looked much better with a pair of sandals, rather than those heavy pumps.

PinBryce Dallas Howard in J. Crew

You’re pregnant. Congratulations. That’s no reason to be dressing like the Virgin Mary, though. Give her a donkey and a veil and she’s straight outta Bethlehem.

PinCrystal Reed in Ina Soltani

This looks like something from one of those “You can be a fashion designer” play kits for little girls. Like a hyperactive 6-year-old couldn’t figure out when to stop embellishing. We applaud the non-matchy shoes, but we’re not convinced a blue pump was the way to go.

Pumps are back, we guess.

PinElle Fanning in D&G

Very cute and fresh and age-appropriate. There’s a bit of a diaper effect, though. We kinda dig the mismatched florals with the shoe pairing.

PinEmma Watson in Marchesa

Very pretty, but – and we hesitate to say this because she does such a good job most of the time – she’s in a style rut. Ever since she got that pixie cut, it’s been an endless array of dresses that look just like this.

PinHailee Steinfeld in Louis Vuitton

Oh, come on, sweetie. You’re 15 years old and attending the MTV Movie Awards. Now is not the time to dress like you’re trying to find an internship for the summer.

PinHolland Roden in Jad Ghandour

WAY too much going on with this dress. It’s like it’s running off in all these directions just to get away from her. Honey, your dress doesn’t like you. Also, it’s a bit dramatic for the MTV MAs.

PinKatie Cassidy in Malandrino

Very pretty. Hair’s a bit limp, but we suppose a more polished ‘do wouldn’t have worked with this look.

Pin Leighton Meester in Balmain

All things considered, this is not bad. Balmain sure got out ahead of the pack for this event. It looks a bit boxy on her and she should have worn a low-key shoe with such a busy dress.

PinLil Mama

She looks like she’ll kick our asses if we don’t say she looks fierce, so … she looks fierce. The jewelry’s a bit much, but we actually like the platform booties. The dress is boring on its own, so the shoes give it a nice fuck-you appeal to the outfit.

PinLiz Lee

We’re not crazy about the boots and the dress doesn’t fit as well as it should, but major props to her for showing some out-of-the-box style on the red carpet. She looks adorable.

PinRosie Huntington-Whiteley in Dolce & Gabbana

We’re very over the animal prints, but the dress is okay on her. It’s the uber-matchy shoes that are giving us eye twitches.

PinShay Mitchell


PinSkyler Samuels

Kind of a cute dress. Too bad about the shoes, though. Something with a little more oomph was called for. Also, the hair is just way too frizzy and brings the look down.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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