In or Out: Miranda Cosgrove in Loewe

Posted on June 07, 2011

Darlings, once again we are forced to feature two IN or OUT posts in one day because our cup of discussable outfits runneth over. Behold:

Miranda Cosgrove at Nickelodeon’s premiere of “iParty with Victorious” in Los Angeles. Miranda Cosgrove wears a Loewe dress paired with Christian Louboutin heels.

Loewe Spring 2011 Collection/Model: Ashley Smith (MARILYN)


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At first, we were all, “Cute! Fresh! Girly!” It seems perfect for a Nickelodeon star to wear to a Nickelodeon event. And it has a kind of fresh feel to it even if it is just another pink blouse and skirt. First glance: very cute. Except… we’re getting really tired of the pin-straight center part, which seems to keep popping up on the RC like a persistent fungus. Also, the dress is kind of shapeless on her, isn’t it? Not that every dress needs to be form-fitting, but with the dress forming a straight vertical line, we’re not sure we like that black horizontal line cutting her right in half. But kudos to her for being a young starlet who dresses for style rather than for attention. It’s an almost perfectly cute getup otherwise, so feel free to tell us we’re being picky bitches about our complaints.


IN! You’re being picky bitches about your complaints!

OUT! Fraulein Maria had more interesting getups than this!

It’s far to early to tally the votes on Kelly Rowland’s 1983 school secretary outfit, but feel free to form an opinion on that one if you haven’t done so already, darlings.

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