Michelle Obama in Africa

Posted on June 27, 2011

Darlings, let’s give a quick shoutout to Shelley O’s African trip wardrobe, which has been suitably colorful and attention-getting, while still being classy and First Lady-like. Which isn’t to say there weren’t a couple clunkers. She wouldn’t be Shelley if she didn’t mismatch a print or misplace a belt at least once a trip, bless her.

Pin(1) Duro Olowu jacket (2) Narciso Rodriguez jacket and skirt (3) Unidentified color block dress and jacket

Of the three, the first one is our least favorite. Not a particularly fabulous print. The second one is almost amusingly First Lady-like (considering she doesn’t dress like a typical First Lady a lot of the time), but she made it interesting with a print blouse and her nearly ever-present teal shoes, which complement the coral-colored suit nicely. As for the third look, LOVE. Truly. This looks fabulous on her.

Now let’s move on to the unfortunates.

Pin(1) Reed Krakoff blazer w/ printed Duro Olowu top (2) J.Crew vest and trousers w/ ASOS Africa top (3) Jean Paul Gaultier pant suit paired w/ Tory Burch wrap belt

We think it’s wonderful that she’s been incorporating African style prints in her wardrobe (and let’s face it; she’s the first First Lady who can really pull them off), but she’s not incorporating them very well here. First look: Beautiful colors in the print, but the pants and the jacket really don’t go with the top at all. Second look: This might have worked if she hadn’t deployed the vest. Third look: This might have worked if she hadn’t worn matching pants and shoes, which, when combined with the sash, make her look absurdly high-waisted and disproportionate. Still, we have to give the lady her due; can you picture any other First Lady making choices as bold as these?


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