RuPaul’s Drag Race: Runway Review

Posted on February 18, 2011

Hit it, girls!

Loved the dress for the brazen tackiness. Love the makeup because she looks better with a softer look. And yes, for a drag queen, this is soft.

We also thought she did a decent enough job on the news segment. A bit too low-key in performance, but we dig her look.

Shangela’s always going to frustrate us a little because she could be world class beautiful but her dresses are often tacky and her makeup is harsh. Having said that, this is one of her better looks.

And she was HILARIOUS in the news bit. We’re finally seeing why Auntie Ru is so protective of her. Girl’s got star power.

Fenh. We are so over this naked, tacky queen.

And she was as flat as her own ass on the video. Not impressed with this girl at all.

This is another one. She’s very sweet and poised and she’s very, very pretty, but she’s got no style or personality to her.

And while she looked great here, it was painful to watch her stumble through it.

It’s just all right. Her looks are becoming more and more generic every week.

And to be honest, we barely remember her performance. In fact, we only really remember her for occasionally being bitchy. Otherwise, she fades into the background.

Okay, what kind of crazy-ass swamp turkey is she supposed to be here? Is this the backwoods version of fabulous? Because she looks a little like a voodoo queen.

She seems very sweet, but that’s her main problem: she seems very sweet. “Earnest” isn’t exactly a blast to watch. She’s been given every chance and word of encouragement and yet she’s still awkward and unsure of herself.

We really like Yara. She’s loaded with personality and she breaks out some consistently memorable looks. Having said that, we’re not crazy about this look. We’re tired of the freaky lenses and we’re tired of drag queens who think being as close to naked as possible makes for something fabulous. Still she’s not generic and she’s not earnestly fumbling through the competition so that automatically puts her in the forefront.

And yeah, she resorts to the fast-talking Latina schtick to get her through performances but she’s a hell of a lot more entertaining doing the weather than India “Ambien” Ferrah was.

But let’s face it: we’re all sitting around waiting for Raja to take the prize, aren’t we? She’s operating on a different level from the rest of the girls. She’s got style, she’s got chops, she’s a natural performer and she does it all pretty effortlessly. This is a fantastic look and really, the only creative one on the catwalk.

And we can’t look at this screencap without laughing.


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