Royal Watch: Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall’s Wedding

Posted on August 01, 2011

Another of Queen Betty’s grandchildren was marrying a commoner, so the whole family came out of their little trailer parks and headed for Edinburgh to watch Zara Phillips walk down the aisle to wed Sluggo from the old Nancy cartoons.


The Queen’s granddaughter marries England rugby player Mike Tindall at Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Zara Phillips’ gown was designed by Stewart Parvin. She also wore Jimmy Choo shoes and a tiara lent to her by her mother, Princess Anne.

A very simple, but pretty dress. When you’ve got a gorgeous tiara like that, why take focus away from it, right?

Let’s rip the guests, darlings.

Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles

Cammie took the opportunity to remind the world how much she loves bean sprouts.

Princess Anne

Oh dear, Princess Annie. That’s not good. The colors are nice, but that skirt’s too high-waisted and that jacket is upholstery. Also, that’s a Christmas corsage in your hair, dear. And you’re wearing heavy gloves in July.

Princess Beatrice in Angela Kelly

Despite what the rest of the world thinks after seeing her in that toilet seat hat, we think Princess Bebe has some innate style to her that gets all tangled up in royal expectations and aesthetics, thereby ruining it. Look at that skirt. That is a super-cute, stylish little piece. Unfortunately, it’s paired with a jacket and hat that add 40 years to her and take her back about 25 years to 1986.

Princess Eugenie in Angela Kelly and Sophie, Countess of Wessex

The Windsor family apparently knows somebody who knows somebody who can get them all a good deal on nude shoes that fell off the back of a lorry somewhere.

Princess Jeannie looks fine from what we can see, although it doesn’t seem to fit her well. Not-princess Sophie is similar to Princess Cathy in a lot of ways in that she favors simple clothes in neutral or toned-down colors.

Queen Elizabeth II


Prince Harry, Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge

When you see Cathy among her own kind, you can see why she dresses the way she does. It’s a tip of the hat (literally) to royal expectations, but without the stuffiness that comes with it. Compare this simple, but elegant look to Eugenie’s or Anne’s outfits, which are stiff, old-fashioned, and overdone. We don’t always like her for wearing such occasionally boring clothes, but we can understand why she defaults to them so much.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Amanda in Austin

    I think all the ladies called each other a few days before the wedding to coordinate which shoe they would all wear.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly!  I saw Camilla’s with the little platform and thought “the old girl took the trouble to find out what’s ‘in’ “, then lo and behold, they all did!  TLo’s assessment of a mass good deal cracked me up!

    • Anonymous

      someone got a bulk discount on that shoe all the younger royals are wearing. i blame cathy!

    • Rachel Lee

      Yes! So agree about the shoes! It’s like they’re all wearing school shoes. 

  • mrspeel2

    They are a handsome couple and the bride is a vision in loveliness! Loved the “Sluggo” remark, btw!

    Has anyone else noticed that the older Princess Anne gets, the more she looks like Eleanor Roosevelt?

  • Amy Fee Garner

    I imagine the ladies sitting down at the rehearsal dinner, being asked to look under their chairs, and finding shoe boxes with matching nude shoes.  I acquired a pair of hideous earrings that way as a member of a wedding party once.  Blech.

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap, the women ARE all wearing nude shoes.  Kate, Eugenie, Beatrice, and Sophia in literally the same exact pair.

    Zara’s tiara is gorgeous indeed, especially in that 4th photo.  I just don’t like the wrinkled satin swath that trims the bottom of her dress.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, thank you that bottom part of the dress quite bothered me too! I like the simple top but the bottom just seems too heavy with that hemline.

      • Anonymous

        that’s the only thing that bothered me, the hemline looks like a bedsheet. 

      • Anonymous

        The hem is a minor issue versus the backboob or whatever I could call that trim of flesh making a run for it over the upper side of the dress. Hate hate hate that. 

  • Anonymous

    Bea looks awful and the overabundance of nude shoes is gross.  I like Catherine’s hat quite a lot, actually.

  • gillian holroyd

    omg yes. I saw it on another site. Literally *every* woman wore nude heels. Data point: they all fit perfectly. No heel gap.

    Not shown: the facade of that church took my breath away. Stunning.

  • Gabriela Perez Morales

    Was it cold there in July? They are all in jackets. 

    • lilibetp

      Don’t know what it was like on Saturday, but it’s 64 degrees in Edinburgh right now.

    • Anonymous

      It was very warm at the weekend. I think they forgot that Scotland does get some sun sometimes! But you;d expect jackets of some type at a wedding on many of the guests anyway..

  • scottyf

    This confirms it: Her Royal Highness and the Duchess of Cambridge keep all the royal gays for themselves. Now I know what they were talking about in the pics of them viewing the Duchess’ wedding gown at Buckingham Palace:

    Queen: Now I shall be taking advantage of the Royal Gays for Zara’s marriage to the cartoon character looking chap. I’ll then send them to you.

    Duchess: But Queen Grand mum-mum, what about the rest of the royals?

    Queen: They already look like cartoon characters. Let’s keep it that way.

    • Anonymous

      “Scottyf said: This confirms it: Her Royal Highness and the Duchess of Cambridge keep all the royal gays for themselves.”

      No, from what I’ve heard, Sophie keeps one for herself as well. 


      • Anonymous

        Marriage doesn’t count.

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      lmfao! and i love love love the queen’s hat. also at least her nude shoes had some detail on them.

  • Anonymous

    Why is Kate wearing a tortilla on her head?

    • Anonymous

      I nearly just spit out my coffee!  She could also have been walking by a pizza kitchen at just the right moment so that one of the pies landed on her head.

    • Anonymous

      Not just any tortilla: flour from the front, corn from the back!

    • Anonymous

      others consider it to be a Pringle

  • Anonymous

    What happened to Zara’s eyebrows? She’d look so much prettier if she had some. 

    • Anonymous

      That’s what it is!  I kept thinking something was off, but couldn’t figure it out.

      • Anonymous

        And speaking of brows – every time I see Catherine I think that she would look so much lovelier if she lightened her brows just – a – touch.  And thinned them a tiny bit on the inner edges; she’s got a great face, but I think the brows are too dark, especially with the highlights in her hair.  It’s been driving me crazy.

  • Denise Alden

    Prince Charles looks terrific in that gray ensemble!  Weird, huh?

    • Anonymous

      I thought that too, very distinguished.  Combines nicely with his hair!

      • Anonymous

        I thought he looked wonderful in that soft gray.

    • Anonymous

      Charles does look dashing.  I wonder why he chose to wear a morning suit rather than morning dress (which it looked as though every other male was wearing). 

  • Anonymous

    I love Catherine’s hat and she has a seemingly endless supply of gorgeous coat. 

  • rebecca

    Sluggo. Love it.

    • Teresa MacDonald

      Right? I’d been struggling to figure out who he reminded me of.

  • Ros Clarke

    @facebook-100000707475264:disqus, Scotland is cold any time of the year.  And jackets for church is quite normal at weddings in the UK, royal or not.  @TLo, what’s with the hem on Zara’s dress?  It looks like the dress was six inches too short and they just tacked on an extra bit of fabric?  I agree about the tiara, though.  Stunning.

    • Anonymous

      It was roasting at the weekend though. Kate in particular looked like she’d be cooked in what she had on.

  • Anonymous

    Eugenie looked so awful at the other wedding (the Eddie from “AbFab” comment was dead-on), that I’m impressed with her here. She looks younger, prettier, and about 20 pounds thinner. And the shoes were the right choice for HER costume. The royal hat box maker is going to be able to buy a new car this year.

    Are we quite certain that Princess Anne isn’t TV’s Polly Holliday … or Carol Burnett’s “Eunice” character?

  • Anonymous

    Princess Bebe from toilet seat to megaphone?

  • Anonymous

    “Sluggo “! You guys are too much. Queen mother looks very sweet and I don’t mind Kate’s attire, but the nude shoes; give me strength.

  • aussiegal77

    Nude shoes as far as the eye can see!!  Loved Zara’s tiara.  Cathy’s outfit was my fave, all the others with the exception of QEII, didn’t appeal.

  • Anonymous

    After I nearly choked from the Sluggo and bean sprouts and nude shoes that fell off a lorry comments, I was able to assess. Catherine looks wonderful, gorgeous hat, perfect hairdo, lovely coat dress, and did you notice Will’s purple! tie?? So cute. The bride is pretty and looks happy, very distinctive tiara, slightly Egyptian in feel, I like. And her name, Zara, how cool is that? Betty is pretty in pink, I know, it’s too easy to go there; but Princess Anne, oh my. I know it’s not easy to find the perfect “mother of the bride” outfit, but, seriously??, someone should have gone shopping with you, maybe Catherine. I feel bad for her.

  • Anonymous

    Princess Anne? Mother of the bride? Now that’s a VERY odd dress in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Cammie looked pretty good. Loved Catherine’s hat.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, what happened to my comment about Princess Bebe–from toilet seat to megaphone. Hey I’m not that clever that often, gotta get the credit when I am.

    • Anonymous

      It’s right where you left it, about 6 comments up.

  • Anonymous

    “to wed Sluggo from the old Nancy cartoons”

    Perhaps, but this is a Sluggo that could wallop the entire rest of the royal family with one arm tied behind his back. Also probably one of the few royal weddings we’ll get where we can find photos of the groom in tight underwear and nothing else.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, my…

    • Edward Thomas-Herrera

      Sluggo or no – he’s HOT!

  • Anonymous

    I like that its a simple clean lined dress, but it just doesn’t look all that well constructed.  Tiara? Hawt damn yeah!  I just wanna squeeze Betty till she pops she’s so cute looking in that pink outfit.  And Cathy’s hat is holyshitgorgeous.  Bravo to her for having the chops to carry it off.

    Now, Cammie,……. we need to talk about that sea creature lounging on your head.

  • Anonymous

    you guys are right on! True, when you see cathy amongst her tribe you get while she is so narrow. And she does stand out as stylish. 
    eugenia could use some tweaking by the right gays and she’d push royal fashion foward I think. She’s more our gal. 
    “her love of sprouts.” bwah!

  • Anonymous

    You’re not going to say anything about Sluggo’s pants? Really? Because I never want to know, just by looking, which way a man dresses and how happy his wife may be later. AND the hem.

    Beatrice’s hat looks like a trumpet! She’s going to announce through it!

  • Mariah J

    I like the semi-sleeves on Zara’s dress but the bottom looks like a bedsheet.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe she got someone from Project Runway to make an additional Sheets Challenge outfit.

  • Sara Parker

    WHAT is with the nude shoes?! It’s not even just the color, the style is the exact same on every goddamn pair!
    I think Kate looks lovely, and Betty looks adorbs… although that picture reminds me to sit up straight to try to avoid dowager’s hunch.

    • Anonymous

      I’m pretty sure the queen has been trained to great posture all her life.

  • Anonymous

    I *really* don’t like the hem on the wedding gown.

  • Catherine Rhodes

    Is it odd that every single woman pictured is wearing nude pumps? It’s bad enough that they’ve taken over the red carpet, now comes the invasion of the royal weddings. People, they’re boring and add no pizzazz to your look.

    On a catty note, is that the most unattractive man anyone has ever seen? I just hope he’s good in the sack…

  • Julie Woodson

    Love that tiara.

    Bea’s hat looks like a suction cup.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t William have a wedding band for his left hand? I can’t remember whether he got one or not. It is certainly not here.

    • Anonymous

      Apparently he has chosen not to wear one. 

    • Anonymous

      Apparently he has chosen not to wear one. 

  • Mari Rose

    I had to look up Princess Anne’s age because that outfit made me think she must be in her mid 70s. No, she’s 60. My mother is 6 years older than Annie-get-your-sofa and is no fashion plate, but even she thinks the Princess dresses too much like an old lady.

    • Toni Mitt

      Oh my–she’s just 60!  I know lot of pudgy mid-western women who look and dress so much better.  What a shame…. 

  • Anonymous

    Not Princess Sophie is becoming my stealth royal clothing favorite.  Kate gets all the attention, but Sophie always looks pretty damn good too.  I’ll never fit into anything Kate can wear, Sophie’s more in my age/weight class!

  • Lauren Dorsee Dillon

    I hope the newlyweds don’t breed. Horrible of me to say, but, wow.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, my god, Sluggo!!

  • Phyllis Craine

    Thank you guys!  Love ‘ya <3 <3 <3

  • MilaXX

    Poor William, can he not just shave his head? That male pattern baldness is far more aging than a completely bald head would ever be.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Zara (GREAT name!) looked lovely. I especially liked her sleeves–so delicate. The dress and tiara were a wonderful choice for her frame–everything looked proportional. The tiara was wonderful and was a nice counterpoint to Catherine’s tiara–both very different in style.

    All those nude shoes!

    Beatrice looked much better–I think she’s learning.

    “Sluggo”–heh, heh, heh.

  • Anonymous

    no more nude pumps. Seriously heinously awful, imho, and seeing them displayed in multiples was horrifying.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry Anne wasn’t wearing her usual purple. It suits her it always seems like she’s giving the big F_U for wearing it  – she seems to wear it when everyone else is going beige.

    Speaking of which, when I sas Cathy C’s coat dress, my thought was, good for you, honey. You know the whole world is looking at you and you chose to wear something that doesn’t steal even more focus from the bride. And the hat? By now these Philip Tracy designs are (sorry) ‘old hat.’ 

  • sandycord

    Boring off the rack looking wedding dress.  I don’t like the hem detail, it shows no detail and just looks like a bad tacked up hem.

    • Anonymous

      Apparently it was off the rack, although probably a more expensive rack than most. I also liked that Kate recycled an outfit she’d worn way back in 2006. 

  • Anonymous

    oh my god- EVERY SINGLE ONE IN NUDE SHOES.  EVEN GRAMMA.  that’s astonishing.  and i think princess anne might be wearing a dress, not a high waisted skirt. 

    • Judy_J

      It does appear that Anne’s outfit is a dress with a jacket over it.  You can see the top of the dress peeking out from under the neckline of the jacket.

  • Anonymous

    My hat off to you, fellas. “Sluggo” is absolutely perfect.

    I actually think Princess Anne looks pretty good for Princess Anne.

  • Anonymous

    Betty looks so cute, and happy!  Anne seems to favor purple a lot (my fave), so I was hoping she’d do that here…no such luck, and this looks pretty frumpy.  Cathy looks great, love the coat.

    But let’s not forget, this is Zara’s day!  The dress is beautifully simple, suiting her personality…my only quibble is the 10-inch “hem” at the bottom, which looks like a mistake instead of deliberate.  That tiara is a knockout.

  • Shannon Tierney

    Am I the only one that hates the wedding gown?  It’s horribly constructed, wrinkling under her breasts and on the side, the sheer sleevelets look silly going straight up creating the boxy neckline, and the skirt is dull and the hem looks like an odd afterthought (I say this as one who married in a Vera Wang with a similar hemline, only my random panel was gold silk satin against silk white silk taffeta – it POPPED.)

    • Laura A. Wallace

      I’m with you– and I think the sleevelets are the worst part.  They look like they’re just tacked onto a strapless off-the-rack gown so that it won’t be strapless.  And the hem– it almost looks like it was just tacked onto a petite dress that was too short for her to make it longer.  Very odd.

      But I love the tiara and she looks relaxed and happy!

      The Duchess of Cambridge’s coat is “recycled,” previously worn to Laura Parker Bowles’s wedding in 2006.  Good for her!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t hate it, but I feel like she could have found something better, especially given what I assume was her budget.  The bunching under the bust is a problem, and those little sleeve thingies aren’t doing her arms any favors.  Don’t get me wrong — the problem is not her perfectly normal-sized arms.  The problem is in the width of the straps and how heavy they look even though they are sheer.  I realize C of E regulations may preclude strapless, I just think there is a better way to address that.

    • Ali

      I hate it – the dress is SO unflattering to her and her shape. For the money that she presumably spent, it really should have been fitted better, or modified to suit her body shape better. I’m a fan of more simple/minimal designs, but this just wasn’t the best dress for her.

      That said, she looks happy, and really, that’s the most important thing on your wedding day. Let’s all think back a moment to Charlene, yeah?

  • Judy_J

    That Greek Key tiara is stunning, all right.  Wish I had one!

  • Anonymous

    I feel sorry for Bea and Euge.  These girls are very atractive but are constantly (forced?) wearing clothes that way too old for them.  I wonder who is picking out their clothes? (Their Mom?).  I like to see the Yorks girls in clothes they themselves choose.

  • MinAgain

    The dress isn’t all that impressive, but the veil and tiara really are lovely. 

    You know what I like about Camilla?  She always looks happy to be with Charles. 

  • Jaime Lawton

    FYI, Princess Anne was wearing a dress, hence the waist on the skirt looking high. Looks like the jacket/shrug thingie was a cropped little number, so the proportions were a bit off.

    HILARIOUS about the nude shoes!

  • Anonymous

    Anne has never given two hoots for what anyone thinks. But she really should do something about the hair now. I quite like long hair worn up on older women, but it’s so severe and unhealthy looking.

    Did anyone see Eugenie’s Westwood dress from the night before the other wedding?  She looked stunning. I agree, she has the beginnings of something, she just needs a little help.

    And guest-wise – I know you wouldn’t have a clue who she is, but actress Katherine Kelly knocked them all out the park with her outfit. Long pale dress and huge orange hat and orange clutch. Just stunning, and summery too.

  • Jessica Goldstein

    The Sluggo comment was pitch perfect. I’ve been wondering who he reminded me of! I don’t like Zara’s dress from the waist down, but do love the sleeves, the tiara, and how happy she looks. Good on the Duchess of Cambridge to recycle and keep the focus on the bride; that was a thoughtful gesture. And the shame of the Princess Royal is that under that unfortunate jacket is a woman with a fine figure. I’d love to see her with a new ‘do and better clothing, but I suspect she doesn’t care.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe you’re letting the preponderance of nude pumps get by without a peep!

  • Anonymous

    BTW, did you see his best man? Looks like he got into quite the bar fight at the bachelor party!

    • Anonymous

      LOL! Rugby players – hazard of the job.

      • Anonymous

        Apparently it was an accident on a moped.

  • Anonymous

    Loved the sleeves on Zara’s gown, not so much whatever was going on around the hem. But oh that tiara! So gorgeous – better than Kate’s I think!

    As for the guests – well, we can always count on the Princess Royal to look the way she did. Just awful. Sorry, but there’s no two ways about it, she’s simply a mess all the time. I agree with those who’ve been admiring Sophie lately. She’s been looking really, really great at all the weddings and I don’t think has gotten enough attention. (Although I heard she caused a scene with her policeman outside Bill and Cathy’s wedding…)

    The York girls looked better than usual and have potential, but certainly need help. And what can one say about Kate? One look at those pictures that feature her face, wearing that hat – even my girlie heart goes pitter-pat!

  • Anonymous

    Princess Ann has never looked better than in riding clothes up on a horse. I’m pretty sure that, like her sister-in-law Camilla, it’s not so much that they don’t know how to dress but that they refuse to allot it more than the bare minimum of attention their positions demand. 

    • Judy S

      That makes sense to me!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, and the bride’s tiara WAS the show stopper.

  • Anonymous

    Bless her heart, Princess Anne has always been known for her daring clothing choices, and not in a good way. But I love her anyway. She does exactly as she pleases, she’s brought up her kids in a sensible way, and she’s no nonsense across the board. She’s awesome. No fashion plate, but awesome. I think she looks more and more like Queen Mary as she gets older. Another reason to jettison that hairdo.

    Catherine looked lovely as always, and even the York girls made a pretty good showing. Poor Beatrice lost her way this time, but Eugenie’s looking good!

  • Anonymous

    In that second picture, you can see the seriously strong resemblance between Zara and her great grandad, King George V.

    Maybe that’s why everyone says she’s Betty’s favorite.


  • Anonymous

    I love Camilla’s hat!

  • Danielle Zilberstein

    so who makes that patent nude shoe that they’re all wearing? Jimmy Choo?

  • Joe Murphy

    Am I hallucinating, or can you see Princess Anne’s underpants through her skirt!?

    • Janie R

      Oh my God I think you’re right!!!

    • lilibetp

      I think it may just be that the lining is kind of bunching there and reflecting the light.  Although I imagine she would wear granny panties…

  • Yolanda Hawkins

    I was so distracted by the hem on the bride’s gown, only the tiara could pull my eyes away.  Was it an afterthought?  It’s a wonder TLo didn’t call it out.  Otherwise lovely and she made for a beautiful bride. 

    • Judy S

       The hem or border bothered me, too. On the other hand, she carried off well.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it does lend it a bit of a bed-sheet quality, doesn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    Prince Harry is such a cutie!

  • Anonymous

    Zara looked lovely.  The tiara is callled the Greek Key tiara and it had belonged to the Duke of Edinburgh’s mother.  She gave it to Elizabeth II (who never actually wore it in public), and Elizabeth II gave it to Princess Anne.  

    Even though it’s well know that Anne could not give two licks about fashion, her clothes are custom made. Putting aside the hideous fabric choices, shouldn’t the silloutte at least be flattering? 

    • Anonymous

      Custom made by someone who’s given up, or does she just override all advice and refuse fittings?

  • myblackfriendsays

    zara looks like kimberly stewart.

  • Anonymous

    “Cammie took the opportunity to remind the world how much she loves bean sprouts.”

    I can’t stop laughing at that line! 

    I love Zara’s dress, especially the back and the dropped waist.  And Princess Anne, bless her heart–I have to give it to her. She dropped out of the Royal Family Circus decades ago. She will have none of it. She has lived her life as close to that of a private citizen as she possibly could, she’s kept her children out of the damaging fame spotlight–she’s just a great gal. She didn’t even buy new shoes for the wedding–she’s worn those before (look at the soles).  And she does look like Queen Mary!  I love her!

    And I love Cathy’s hat too!

    • Forrestblogging

      ‘She has lived her life as close to that of a private citizen as she possibly could’
      The woman does around 300+ public events a year. She is far from living the life of a private citizen. Not being a celebrity (or courting the life of one) doesn’t necessarily make you on par with the public.
      But I agree, she is probably the best of the bunch, and really did a good job with her kids.

    • Euphory

      Princess Anne had a cafeteria-made cake for her own wedding.  She’s got a lot personality.

  • Anonymous

    Right now I suspect Cathy is trying to both fit in and not outshine her royal in-laws, so she’ll default to the conservative and demure as much as possible.
    Get her more comfortable in her new milieu? She’ll definitely give Diana a run for the money.

    As an aside — why is Cathy referenced as “the Duchess of Cambridge”, but Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, is still “Camilla Parker-Bowles”? You do know she’s been married to Charlie for six years? Which would make her, at minimum, Camilla Wales.

    • Anonymous

      Yup the Parker Bowles is long gone, especially as her ex was as the wedding. To be really accurate, Charles & her are the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay when in Scotland. And Prince William and Catherine are the Duke and Duchess of Strathearn.

  • Anonymous

    Somebody get Camilla a lawn mower, STAT!

  • Anonymous

    Zara looked lovely and that tiara is so simple and chic — at least to the extent a royal tiara can be.  Both the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge looked fabulous, the others less so.  But I do admire the fact that the royal women have chosen not to be clothes horses.  They need to dress for a lot of events, but it’s not what they care about the most and that’s okay in my book.  Princess Anne, in particular, has never given a rip about fashion, and I kind of admire that about her.    

    Prince Charles continues to get better with age.  The silver hair really agrees with him.  

  • Shannon 1

    I find something about Princess Anne’s style that’s so endearing. I feel like she’s really trying with the florals and bright colors and fancies herself quite pretty in them.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else notice the groom had his cell phone in his front left pants pocket the whole day??? And yes, I mean cell phone…it’s rectangular in shape…..

  • Beth G

    Holy cats… they really do all have the same shoe on….

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand the satellite dish hats at all.

  • Anonymous

    That tiara is flat-out gasp inducing. I love it so much. Princess Beatrice’s hat looks like a gramophone. And all those matching nude shoes! What the what?

    P.S. I think I like Princess Anne’s jacket more than you do. The collar looks really great.

  • Vic

    You’re right – Lillibet looks adorable.

  • Pamela

    I was thinking the boys look very sharp with their waistcoat/tie color combinations.  And Bea & Eugenie are still very young; they seem, at least, to be trying so I give them points for that.

  • Anonymous

    Sluggo!! LOL!!!

  • Anonymous

    I was just at a nephew’s wedding last week…. I think these folks all look great :o)  Harry and Eugenie and Sophie look very good


  • Anonymous

    This is its third appearance at a wedding (I know that thanks to the blog WhatKateWore.)

    • Anonymous

      Good for her! People should wear clothing more than once (except for a wedding dress).

  • Elizabeth Szubert

    I want Catherine’s hat.  I love the fact that there were roses underneath. 

    Is it just me or did Prince William do something with the little bit of hair he has left?  It looks different.  A good different, mind you.

  • Anonymous

    For some fun reading, Google Camilla, Andrew Parker Bowles and Princess Ann.  

  • Stacy

    Does Zara Phillips remind anyone else of Toni Collette?

    • Anonymous

      YES. That’s it! I’ve been trying to figure out who she looks like for DAYS. 

  • Lara Bolinder

    Not only were all the royals wearing nude shoes, half the “celebrity” guests did as well.

  • Anonymous

    I love her, I really do…but why does “Princess Cathy” need a purse?  What is she carrying? If I get to get to her stage in my life and I can schlep my purse off to someone else….heck yah.  Come on….with 500 photographers…put the purse down.

    • Anonymous

      The Queen’s been carrying a handbag for decades. Go figure.

  • Anonymous

    Hate the hemline and the sleeves and I think ti may ahve been slightly more flattering if the skirt started a little higer. However she looks so relaxed and happy that I will forgive it all, she’s a beautiful bride!

    Bea and Eugenie are such an improvement over the last royal wedding, but what is with their coats?? One is shiny and blue and offends me. The other is really not a good idea for anyone with hips. She’s not a big girl but in other pictures she looks like she is. Take them both away and burn them!

    The coats that is, not the Princesses.

  • Anonymous

    Nude shoes need to DIE immediately. (Buzz, your girlfriend) WOOF. 

  • Anonymous

    Nude shoes need to DIE immediately. (Buzz, your girlfriend) WOOF.