2011 Critics’ Choice Television Awards

Posted on June 21, 2011

Precious Unborn Fawns, it was the  2011 Critics’ Choice Television Awards, an event that inspired neither gowns nor the employment of stylists, apparently. To be fair, almost everyone looked okay. Mostly boring looks, but very few disasters. Lets rip them anyway.

Anna Torv in Rachel Roy

No ripping here; she looks hot. End of story.

Ariel Winter

She’s young and that’ll forgive a lot, even 1930s showgirl outfits.

Busy Philipps in Juan Carlos Obando

Enh. The ruffle’s a bit much.

Cat Deeley in Dolce & Gabbana


Christina Hendricks in BOSS Black

Not perfect, but definitely a step in the right direction.

Courteney Cox in Lanvin

Honey, never go out in J Lo’s leftovers.

Erica Tazel

Gorgeous color and perfect little dress, but the matchy-match toenails are giving us eye twitches.


Jane Lynch

We need to do a Sapphic Style Intervention because the requisite black power suit has gotten old. There are pant outfits for women that are much more chic and flattering than this middle management uniform.

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Jayma Mays in Elise Overland

Totally unrecognizable. It’s a pretty and eye-catching dress, but she put so little work into the hair, makeup, and accessorizing that she looks invisible in it; like a faceless mannequin.

Jenna Elfman

What’s with the “I Shot Andy Warhol” look and pose?


Kaley Cuoco in Issa

Here’s a little style tip from T Lo about proportion: Each leg is not supposed to appear twice as wide as your torso. Live it. Learn it.

Katey Sagal

Honeybear, no. While you are fondly remembered as Peg Bundy, we don’t recommend you actually appropriate her look all these years later.

Martha Plimpton

Look, we’re all for gals in pants and gals in flats on the red carpet. Really. But she looks like a nun out of her habit and on the town for the day.


Michelle Forbes in Nicolle Miller

Beautiful dress that looks great on her. We wouldn’t have recommended platform pumps, but we’ll deal with it stoically.

Mireille Enos

Even if we forgive the dress that matches her skin tone exactly, we canNOT forgive her going out in Daisy Duck’s old shoes.

Natalie Zea

Open-toed suede booties in June. That’s a no.

Sarah Hyland in Whitney Eve (jacket) and Boulee (skirt)

Very cute.

Zooey Deschanel

Very Zooey, but also very cute. Black tights in June? Also a no.


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  • Sarah Hyland looks amazing!

    • Anonymous

      Yes. Sarah Hyland for the win!

  • Anonymous

    Anna Torv looks gorgeous! I love her hair with a little wave in it, instead of stick-straight like on Fringe. god, I miss that show…

  • I think it’s time for a “If we were her gays” for Jane Lynch.  Please? 

    • Anonymous

      She needs a sneak attack intervention before she hosts the Emmys

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t recognize Anna Torv at first. Wow what a difference from Agent Dunham.

    Michelle Forbes looks beautiful. Love that dress. It is nice to see her not all weepy clopping around in rain boots.

  • Cat Deeley looks the best, hands down, but that’s saying something considering she’s simply wearing a dress plus heels. Award show sartorial tragedy.

  • Courtney Hellams

     Tlo, how can you possibly not criticize Anna Torv?

    A boring, colorless dress with plain peeptoes and NOT ONE SINGLE ACCESSORY.

     I’m sorry, having a large, unflattering cutout right across your midsection does not make your boring dress interesting enough to go without any accessories.

    • I actually love the simplicity of the look. Any jewelry would have made the cutout look cheap.

  • Erin James

    “We need to do a Sapphic Style Intervention.”
    I think this could be really cool, actually.

    • margaret meyers

      Her complexion is to die for (or else she has escellent make up people).

    • margaret meyers

      Her complexion is to die for (or else she has escellent make up people).

  • bookish

    Zooey Deschanel seems to have made black tights her “thing,” and I am tired of them. That dress would be so cute without the tights!

    • I am suspecting sometimes-you-don’t-want-to-shave-your-legs-all-the-time.

  • Anonymous

    “I Shot Andy Warhol” pose – hilarious and perfect!
    Busy Phillips’ dress is the lamb chop frill that goes w/ yesterday’s frilly toothpick.

  • Santa Knostenberga

    Zooey looks beautiful. It is very unussual to see Agent Dunham without the very straight hair 🙂

  • Anonymous

    For the most part, I agree with you guys. But I definitely do not think that it’s a step in the right direction for Christina Hendricks. Don’t get me wrong, she looks great. It’s pretty flattering. But this is just so….generic. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen that exact outfit. I’ll always prefer her in vintage-y ruffles and lace because it’s HER style. It makes her unique and she clearly prefers it. The problem is that she doesn’t often find flattering clothes for herself, vintage-inspired or not (or she’ll do something to change/ruin the look, like the ruffles all the way up to the neck the other day). I’ll be really sad if she stops wearing lace and ruffles and vintage-inspired pieces simply because other people don’t like them. 

    I’ll also have to disagree with you guys on Katey Sagal. I think the skirt and top look fantastic on her. Really flattering. (Also, Peg wore leggings! She would never dare wear a skirt that long and loose.) The problem is the hair. It is waaaaay too literal. It just makes her look a bit….well, stupid, unfortunately. And I’m usually all for literal, but it just doesn’t look good on her. And while I do support the shoes, they are also a bit too literal for this event.

    I’ve got a soft spot for Zooey Deschanel. She’s just so bloody cute. I think she looks adorable here. And though they may be a “no”, I have no problems with black tights in summer. I think she looks great. And I adore the purse.

  • MilaXX

    Anna Torv – looks great and is clearly the best dressed of this lot.Ariel Winter – I think she’s going to be quite a looker once she gets past this awkward stage, but she never looks right to me. Everything looks too old for her. This is a 1986 Love Boat jumpsuit that Julie would have worn.
    Busy Philipps – love the shoes, hate the ruffle on the dress.Cat Deeley – She looks great, but then again cat rarely gets it wrong.Christina Hendricks – Better but boring. I also notice she wears black a lot and it’s not really all that flattering on her coloring. I wonder if she is operating under the black is slimming theory.
    Courtney Cox – No Courtney, just …. I can’t.
    Erica Tazel – Cute. Toes don’t bother me. Bangs needs to be trimmed a bit
    Jane Lynch – Jane is in desperate need of an intervention, but I’ve come to accept that this is her go to look.

  • Anonymous

    I had no idea what the “I shot Andy Warhol” reference was…but a quick google image search cleared that right up.  So apropo! 😀

    Martha Plimpton…thanks for the chuckles!  My aunt was a nun…dressed more stylish than that.  WTF was Martha thinking!?  If she didn’t feel like dressing for the event…she could have at least just snuck in the back door!

  • Anonymous

    Huh. These were better than I expected. The only head-on disaster was Martha Plimpton. Girl: Full length mirror, yes?

    Christina Hendricks under-achieved spectacularly in the hair department.

    I agree, she could do better, but I still love Jane Lynch & her perennial fashion choice. I don’t think she really *cares* and I dunno why, perhaps because she’s smart, funny and gay, she seems to get less flack about it than other actresses might. Or maybe it’s because she’s never been looked to for fashion interest and she avoids idiosyncratic oddity. (a la Whoopi or HBC).

    I think Anna Torv & Sarah Hyland look great, but I feel the love for Jenna Elfman and Ariel Winter.

    Winter’s got the face and body to rock the 30’s chorus girl look – I’d love to see her work that look a few times. (I said a FEW times, Ms. Winter.)

    And even though that blouse walks a fine line (am I the only one to think of Patty Hearst & the SLA?), I enjoy Elfman’s look. Pray that it’s not going to become fashionable though. It’s hard to pull off successfully.

    Oh, and: “We wouldn’t have recommended platform pumps, but we’ll deal with it stoically.” You guys give me strength for the day!

  • Anonymous

    God-damn, Courtney, step away from the restylane!  

    • Andrea Rossillon

      Oh man, I noticed that, too. I can’t believe she did that to herself. I realize that these stars live in little bubbles in Hollywood, but Courtney actually comes home occasionally (I’ll see her out running) and she should realize that those of us who keep our faces “as is” look a lot better.

  • Grace Ritt

    Those open-toed suede booties make me want to throw up. I just hate those types of shoes, and I swear it’s not irrational. They’re just ugly.

  • I don’t know how old Sarah Hyland really is, but based on her character, I feel like she and Zooey Deschanel should switch outfits.

  • aimee_parrott

    “What’s with the “I Shot Andy Warhol” look and pose?”

    I’m pretty sure that her pants are so tight she can’t move.  Jeez, Jenna, go up a size!

    Sarah Hyland looks great. 

    • margaret meyers

      Sarah Hyland has a good stylist.  That outfit is great on her and it looks effortless.

    • margaret meyers

      Sarah Hyland has a good stylist.  That outfit is great on her and it looks effortless.

  • Glen Coleson

    Jayma Mays’ dress is a lovely print, but it is not flattering on her at all. She exceptionally thin to begin with, and the way it puffs out around her makes her look downright emaciated.

  • Cat Deeley – Pretty.  That’s all that usually needs to be said.  Even with her occasionally questionable style choices, “Cat Deeley – Pretty,” should be her motto.

    Michelle Forbes always looks awesome mostly because she’s been both spooking and intriguing me since she was the drunk ME on “Homicide: Life on the Streets” so I generally don’t really care what she’s wearing. She’s Michelle Forbes.  But, honey, you’re already nearly 6′ tall.  You don’t need platforms.  And unless you, like a drag queen, wear a men’s size 12 or 13, you probably don’t need that much sole to hide your waterski feet.  Still love you!

    Zooey Deschanel makes my eyes twitch.  There’s just so much “sweetness” between the twee hair and those dumb tights that she wears all the time and she’s just so perkily hipster I cringe.  Then I feel badly because she personally seems pretty cool but then I look at her clothes and her hair and her perma-moue and I want to punch her again.

    • Anonymous

      M Forbes is WICKED in her wicked platforms! 

      I have the same reaction to Zooey.  I just heard a radio interview with one of the guys from Death Cab for Cutie who said that his recent marriage to her lightened up his music and his outlook on life.  (I’ll reserve judgment until I hear the new record…)

    • akprincess72

      I agree on the Zooey issue.

  • Anonymous

    maybe I’m getting too used to tight/shiny/super short dresses and couture gowns showing up oddball (e.g., MTV) events, but the selection here was kind of all over the place and surprisingly… boring. Especially from the pants division. OTOH, – I’m not quite sure how to react to a woman middle aged or otherwise who’s wearing a tailored dress cut just below the knee. Anna, Katey, Michelle, Christina, Erica – gals, you look well, great. 

  • Anna Torv!  MWWAAAOOORR!!  GGGDDDDDDRRRRR.  PDDDDRRRR.  (OK, I can’t spell the wicked cat noises I am actually and honestly making in my office right now.  You get the point.  She looks amazing!)

    • Anonymous

      You BETCHA !!! 

  • Perfect call on Jayma Mays, I had no idea who I was looking at until I looked at her name, as you usually do, you honed in on exactly what was amiss. 

    I like Zooey Deschanel’s look sans the black hose, way too heavy for June. 

    Mirielle whoever looks like she’s naked except for some weird and ugly ass shoes.

    Cat Deeley and Anna Torv have my vote for best of this bunch.

    And proving I spend way too much time here at T-Lo, seeing Courtney Cox’s outfit my first thought was “oh no, honey, J-Lo really can pull off what mere mortals (even ones as lovely as you) cannot.”

  • jayma mays looks amazing. period. unrecognizable my ass. zooey is a girl who wears tights, that’s just who she is. jenna elfman looks terrible.

    and as what felt like the sole person who liked christina’s last look, this one is ok, but i think her boobs look worse in this outfit.

  • Anonymous

    I normally love Zooey’s style but this is a miss and her dress is too tight.

  • For some reason I find Busy Phillip’s weight loss disturbingly too rapid.  It looks like a bony face floating on someone else’s body.

  • Guys, why y’all being so undeservedly nice? What’s happened?

  • margaret meyers

    Looks like a lot of people had a little work done during the of season.  The older folks are all looking “fresh and relaxed.”

  • margaret meyers

    Looks like a lot of people had a little work done during the of season.  The older folks are all looking “fresh and relaxed.”

  • Anonymous

    I just gotta ask, is someone out to get Christina Hendricks?  Are the photographers of the world determined to only shoot her in shitty lighting from the least flattering angles possible?  And Jane?  Hire me NOW!!!!  I am a gay man with taste and I can Help You!  You can hold to your lesbian ideals of no dresses and not look like a sad bag of laundry in mourning.

    • Anonymous

      Ellen has managed to do it. Jane really needs help… she looks like shlub.

      • Anonymous

        And what makes me sad/angry about it is that I think she’s an amazing actor and a beautiful woman.  Perhaps she simply doesn’t give a crap about it, but we, her fans, DO!

        • Anonymous

          She is beautiful. I was watching the Christmas Glee episode where she goes with Will to sing to kids in the hospital…. her face is amazing in the way she conveys what the character is all about. She has beautiful eyes. I guess it bugs me because age-wise I am of her “generation”. Middle-aged women tend to disappear in front of people, both in public and private eye, she would be a wonderful example of a woman who does have a rich fulfilling life.

          • Anonymous

            And she has such a depth of humor in her, I really wish she could let herself come out and play sartorially as well as as an actor.  I am of that generation as well and am having to get used to disappearing from the radar myself.  Jane?  Are you listening?  We love you and want you to LOOK as fabulous as we know you are.

  • Open-toed suede booties in June. That’s a no.

    Open-toed booties, suede or otherwise, are always a no.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, lilithcat — I didn’t see your suede bootie post until I’d posted mine. Sorry!  But at least we agree!

    • Anonymous

      Oh, lilithcat — I didn’t see your suede bootie post until I’d posted mine. Sorry!  But at least we agree!

    • akprincess72

      I was just about to type that, thank you!

  • AC

    What is up with Zooey? I feel like if she has to show her legs, she throws on some black tights…

  • Anonymous

    What did Courtney Cox do to herself?? I used to think she was a beautiful woman, and I didn’t even recognize her!! There is much truth in the old saying that an extra 5 pounds makes women look much younger.

  • Anonymous

    Open-toed suede booties in June. That’s a no.

    Open-toed suede booties are a no, period. An open-toed boot. The very definition of kitsch.

    Who killed Mireille Enos’s look????  I guess we’ll never know…

    I have to say, I thought Katy Segal looked good. She’s lost a lot of weight, she looks happy, her skin is glowing, I love the dress and the shoes.

    But there sure are a lot of “Who cares?” looks here. Jane? Martha? Were your ears burning?

  • Anonymous

    I think you need more Anna Torv on TLo in general!