WERQ: Jennifer Hudson in Michael Kors

Posted on June 16, 2011

So we read the other day that Jennifer Hudson is writing a weight loss memoir.

Kittens? What’s a weight loss memoir? No, really. “I remember that one time I was really hungry, but I didn’t eat anything. And then there was that time when I stayed on the treadmill for another 15 minutes. Also, carrots. But mainly I just remember being hungry. All the time.”

Aw, we joke because we love. Far be it for us to slam anyone for making a buck and we suppose it might be inspirational to others. Let’s look at her clothes instead.

Jennifer Hudson attends the 2nd Annual amfAR Inspiration Gala in NYC in Michael Kors.

Ah, yes. Clearly, JHud reads us every day, desperate to see what we’re going to say about her next. We’ve been gently teasing her for falling into the common newly-thin trap of wearing your clothes a size too small just because you can. Here, she’s still wearing a body-skimming dress, but it fits her correctly. The look is very clean and very chic. She can rock a simple white mini-dress and not every woman can. We like the hair and the jewelry too. The ring and earrings might be a bit much with any other outfit, but since the dress is so plain, they provide some much needed punctuation. The shoes are just okay; not our choice, but inoffensive. The only issue here is she seems to be wearing the wrong kind of bra because there’s some noticeable bulging and buckling when you get up close, but everything else is dead on. We were originally going to do this as an “IN or OUT” post, but she rates a “WERQ, girl!”

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  • Damn, I wish Weight Watchers had worked that well for me when I was on it…

    • MilaXX

      It did for me. I lost 60lbs. Just wish I had kept it off….. *sigh*

      • Me too, I lost 70 so far. 

      • Yeah, that’s kinda what I meant…it worked for me while I was on it, but I got tired of eating “SmartOnes” all the time…and banking my points so that I could have a beer now and then…

        • MilaXX

          I did WW before the points when you ate actual food. I just stopped eating well. Back on track now, but simply counting calories and eating sensibly.

        • Anonymous

          You gotta have a beer now and then 🙂

    • Anonymous

      My parents made me go to Weight Watchers when I was in high school. It was just a bunch of old ladies talking about food, and how much they really, really wanted to eat what they weren’t supposed to. I used to duck out early and get an ice cream cone on my way home.


      • Yep, that’s pretty much how it was when I went.

      • Anonymous

        You are my hero.

    • Anonymous

      I absolutely believe this si the result of a gastric bypass and/or cocaine

    • Anonymous

      I got to my WW goal and drank wine every night.  It’s possible, but requires patience of Job.

  • Anonymous

    I thought she missed a bet in that she could have worn jewelry with more pop – color or smooth gloss – what she’s wearing comes off as kind of grey against the cream, at least as photographed.

    But that’s clearly a quibble, she looks great.

    ETA: It could be a uniquely interesting weight loss memoir if it addresses the emotional component of weight issues & weight loss, given the personal tragedy she’s weathered. It is an obvious entree to the more authentic emotional side of life, which a lot of celebrity memoirs of any kind gloss over completely.

  • she looks great – but now she’s just a big-head celeb like susan lucci and giada- what happens to them that makes their head’s look like stewie from family guy?

    • Her head is fine for her body.  Are people so used to seeing fat arses everywhere that when they see someone who is actually in proportion, they  see it as “off.”
      It IS America, after all.

      • Anonymous

        who pissed in your diet water?

        • Anonymous

          relax, it IS a European writing this 

          • Anonymous


  • There is SO MUCH MORE to losing a lot of weight than being hungry.  In fact, I’ve been on Weight Watchers for over a year, and I’ve never really been hungry without eating something. 

    But girl looks fantastic, and good for her.  I know everyone always talks about how easy it is to lose weight when you can afford trainers and nutritionists and chefs.  But none of those people can do it FOR you; you’re still the one who has to follow through with the help they’ve given you. 

    I would really like to know just how many lbs she’s lost, though!

  • Anonymous

    She looks good, but the makeup is too harsh

  • MilaXX

    I like it. The dress fits really well and it appears she finally put the hair at a better length, I can forgive the bra, at least the boobs aren’t looking squished.

    • Anonymous

      The bra might not be the best fit, but at least she’s wearing one. I’m so tired of seeing droopage in even the most flat-chested of celebs that this ranks as improvement over the pack.

  • Anonymous

    Should have worn the hair in a low, side bun with a statement necklace instead of earrings.

  • Anonymous

    Looking good.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, she looks amazing. I love the jewelry and the eye makeup.
    Hair is a little too pin-straight for my taste. I think Jennifer would look INCREDIBLE with a more natural hairstyle, like Nazri the Project Runway model’s hair. Jennifer would rock that hairstyle with that gorgeous face of hers.

  • She’s not wearing nude pumps!!! The whole look – shoes included – gets an A+ from me.

  • Anonymous

    “Also, carrots.” I laughed out loud.

    She looks HAWT.

  • She looks fab, but I wish she left her hair curly.

    • is what I was thinking too. Not a dig because I honestly don’t care, but I don’t think she’s conventionally pretty enough for the stick straight hair. Her natural curls were always more flattering for her, and it’d make her figure look even MORE banging.

  • That “both hands on hips” pose may have worked for the old JHud, but now she can practically touch her fingers. Girlfriend needs a new pose.

    • Anonymous

      I think that’s why she likes it.  Kind of an announcement “look, I can almost circle my waist with my hands!”

  • Anonymous

    She looks gorgeous.

    As for the memoir: Yes, by all means, make a buck (even though it all boils down to basic math). But I’m less interested in her memoir than I’d be in hearing her fabulous voice record some songs that are worthy of it.

    But that’s just me.–GothamTomato

  • I love a white dress on a dark skinned woman.  SHe looks amazing.

  • Anonymous

    WERQ, indeed!  She looks fantastic in that dress.  i see the bra issues but they seem pretty minimal.  She has great tits but a slightly better bra would make them even better.

  • I think she is less pretty since losing the weight. One question, T&L — how can you comment on JHud’s bra (which I don’t see, they are smooth) and I didn’t see one note about Kate Middleton’s disastrous undergarments throughout the R.W.? Did I miss a post? KM’s  brassiere was beyond distracting in an otherwise gorgeous dress. Love you, boys! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I have to admit that I also find her less pretty after losing all the weight. We’re not supposed to say such things, though… 🙂
      And to TLo, your comments about a weight-loss memoir were priceless. Could NOT love you more.

  • Anonymous

    I love the dress, though with a thinner face now, she might want to rethink the poker straight hair–a little body is good!

    I believe the definition of “Weight Loss Memoir” is “Weight Watchers Ad–Long Form: How Not to Go Crazy While Counting Points on Everything You Eat and Pretending That You’re Not Thinking About Food.”  And, since I’m on the same plan, I might read it, to see if she has tips in that direction.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll agree with this WERQ. She looks amazing, and that dress just draws the focus to her face. Then, you scan down and realize how great her body looks in that dress. It is the exact effect an outfit should have.

    I can see the idea behind a weight-loss memoir. You sometimes have to confront many personal issues when you take off a lot of weight, especially if you are revamping the way you take care of yourself physically and emotionally (as opposed to just eating what you’re told to look good for a photo shoot).

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks good in the dress. I don’t see too much of a bra issue. 

    The only issue I have is that the shoes look (from that top picture from the front) like her toes are hanging off of them.  They remind me of those yellow (upside down) cup you strap onto your shoes to act like little stilts.

    • Anonymous

      Oh my you took the thought right from me! That too was my only issue. Toes hanging over the edge drive me insane!

    • Colleen Mabe

      YES! If your toes hang off the edge of the shoe like bird claws – then do. not. wear. them.

  • Oh my God, I am still laughing at, “Also, carrots.”  WTF is it with carrots and dieting?  Does anyone eat raw carrot sticks other than when they’re dieting (or within close proximity to a crudité platter at a party)?  Laughing so hard I’m now crying…

    • Alloy Jane

      You’re kidding right?  I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like carrots.  They’re sugar in stick form.

      I don’t know why people get so worked up when a celebrity who was formerly large loses weight.  She did it by changing the way she eats, not by starving herself, popping pills, tweaking, or turning into a junky.  Weight goes beyond the aesthetic as there are health consequences that are associated with being overweight.  Didn’t she lose weight because she had a baby?  
      Anyways, she looks wonderful!  Very neat and classy.  LOVE that dress but boy, her feet.  They look like they’re floating on little discs and it’s a bit distracting.  

  • Anonymous

    She looks great. Kudos to her for managing to look slim in white.  Also I love her hair pulled back off her face. I wasn’t loving the wiggy bangs she’s been sporting.

  • She became my favorite AI contestant of all time ever when Simon, in his snotty tone, told her she sounded like a cruise ship singer during her audition and she said she WAS a cruise ship singer.  HA! Then, when he told them to make a bold impression she wore a silver jumpsuit and Bootsy Collins boots.  Double HA!  But best of all was the way she’d roll her eyes every time Simon tried to tell her he didn’t like her because she was fat.

    She’s very tasteful and charming now, and I’ll never not love her, especially after she kept petting her BAFTA on Graham Norton, but I kind of miss the BSC girl who was on AI who’d wear a bubblegum pink dress just because a friend made it for her.

  • Anonymous

    WW is a great program and JHud looks great as well. She was the best part of SATC the movie.

  • Anonymous

    She looks so phenomenal.

  • Miya Seegmiller

    You guys ought to read This is Not the New Me by Wendy McClure. That there, is a weight-loss memoir. And a great one.

  • She looks great. My only quibble are the toes hanging off the shoes. Why do celebrities so often seem to have shoes that are either too big or too small? I know they probably get them for free (or at least borrow them), but why not borrow the correct size?

  • Anonymous

    Something’s off with the makeup. She doesn’t look as pretty as I know she is.

  • Anonymous

    YAY, Jennifer! She had been looking so gaunt to me, with terrible clothes and bad make-up and now she looks luminous and fab. Thank Dog the bangs are gone — they did her no favors. Love the outfit, love the accessories, don’t love the shoes but they’re fine, and I won’t even say anything about the nail polish because I want to be totally supportive here. MWAH! Love you, Jennifer! Make a movie soon where you get to sing and be the star, okay?

  • As always, ladies, I love you.  I wondered what in the hell Valerie Bertinelli’s “weight loss memoir” was supposed to be about too, especially since she was on Jenny Craig.  “They brought me food.  I ate it.  All work and no play makes Val a dull girl.  All work and no play….”

  • Wish I could see the shoes better…is it me or are her shoes too small? I do like this dress it is accessorized just right for her too!

  • Anonymous

    Um, guys? There is no perfect bra. There will always be some edge/buckle/clasp/hook/boning/wire that will show somewhere. The only way to avoid that is to have 34A boobs. And not wear a bra. 

  • she looks great, and I actually think I’d read her book. Someone who went through what she did and then still motivated herself to lose weight (the healthy way) is someone I can respect.

  • She looks awesome!

  • LOVE it! Perfect fit, not a single iota of hoochie, adore the earrings and orange nails! The only thing I can pick at is that I want stronger brows to balance out the heavy eye makeup, because the severe hair really puts the focus on the face.

  • Michelle Stover

    She looks awesome at any size, but I’m glad to see her so happy at this one!

  • Isn’t it a bit…I don’t know…early? To be writing a weight loss memoir when it really hasn’t been that long since she revealed her tiny new self? I mean…sure, girl’s gotta make a buck. But as @GothamTomato:disqus  mentioned, she could be makin’ a buck by SINGING, not talking about how she used to be big and now she’s not so big. What if she ‘lets herself go’ in a year or two? Her memoir might lose a bit of credibility, then, amirite? Her voice, however, is timeless.

    Perhaps I’m just being cynical…in any case, girl looks GOOD.

  • Yeah, she looks great, but she’s almost unrecognizable to me. I kinda miss the  softness of her more womanly figure, but she looks fit and not boney.

  • Anonymous

    The buckling and bulging has nothing to do with her bra per se. It is because the pattern is cut for someone whose bust apex is about an inch to two inches above hers. Emmett and I have had conversations about this. Some companies use fit models whose bust apex (aka the nipple) is 9 inches below the shoulder. You know who has a nipple 9 inches below their shoulder? 13 year old girls. Also, the bust on many of these dresses are cut for a b-cup, and nothing on God’s green earth is going to make JHud a b-cup. The fit is doomed from the start.

  • After she’s kept the weight off for 10 years or so, then she can write the memoir.  Only 5% of people keep off serious weight loss in the long term.  If she’s not one of them, the weight loss memoir might look pretty silly.

  • jHud is my goal weight