WERQ: Jennifer Hudson in Michael Kors

Posted on June 16, 2011

So we read the other day that Jennifer Hudson is writing a weight loss memoir.

Kittens? What’s a weight loss memoir? No, really. “I remember that one time I was really hungry, but I didn’t eat anything. And then there was that time when I stayed on the treadmill for another 15 minutes. Also, carrots. But mainly I just remember being hungry. All the time.”

Aw, we joke because we love. Far be it for us to slam anyone for making a buck and we suppose it might be inspirational to others. Let’s look at her clothes instead.

PinJennifer Hudson attends the 2nd Annual amfAR Inspiration Gala in NYC in Michael Kors.


PinAh, yes. Clearly, JHud reads us every day, desperate to see what we’re going to say about her next. We’ve been gently teasing her for falling into the common newly-thin trap of wearing your clothes a size too small just because you can. Here, she’s still wearing a body-skimming dress, but it fits her correctly. The look is very clean and very chic. She can rock a simple white mini-dress and not every woman can. We like the hair and the jewelry too. The ring and earrings might be a bit much with any other outfit, but since the dress is so plain, they provide some much needed punctuation. The shoes are just okay; not our choice, but inoffensive. The only issue here is she seems to be wearing the wrong kind of bra because there’s some noticeable bulging and buckling when you get up close, but everything else is dead on. We were originally going to do this as an “IN or OUT” post, but she rates a “WERQ, girl!”

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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