True Blood Season 4 Premiere Red Carpet

Posted on June 23, 2011

We’ve milked this particular RC pretty well, what with getting a “Pairs Division” post and a “Yea or Nay” post out of it, but you True Blood fans are greedy little buggers and wanted more, more, more. Since we never pass up an opportunity to express an opinion and since there are hot men involved, let’s run down the rest of the cast at the show’s season 4 premiere in L.A.

Alexander Skarsgard

Suh-weet. And his pants are perfectly hemmed. Tall guys look great in 3-piece suits. We’re digging the thick tie and lapels.

Carrie Preston

Wow, she looks cute and fresh. She’s shown up looking a bit on the matronly side more often than not. The matchy shoes are a shame, though.

Deborah Ann Woll in Tadashi Shoji

It’s different; we’ll give it that. We keep thinking it needs a belt, but then when we try and picture it with a belt, it doesn’t look right either. Also, nude shoes with this? Really? Tsk.

Evan Rachel Wood in Dolce & Gabbana

That is so fucking fierce we can’t stand it.

Jim Parrack

A bit business-like for a premiere. It fits perfectly but the dull taupey brown doesn’t really stand out in photographs. Love the tie. Shoes need polishing.

Joe Manganiello

Pink shirt and red tie? BRAVO. He looks fantastic.

Kristin Bauer in Lorena Sarbu

Looks a bit like formal pajamas. We like the idea here, but the satiny shine and the cut on the pants bring it several grades down from “chic.”

Lauren Bowles in Gomez-Gracia

Mmmm, no. That print is kind of ugly. We tend to dislike asymmetrical hemlines in any case, but when you draw attention to it with an absurdly thick black border, it goes from something we find annoying to something we think looks ugly. A clumsy, unpretty dress.

Lindsay Pulsipher in Nuj Novakhett

Looks like a pillowcase.

Michelle Forbes in Rachel Roy

Pretty, but a bit on the safe (or dull) side. Also, for pictures, she should consider getting a makeup consult because she not only looks deathly pale (and not in a sexy vampire way), she looks like she’s been crying all day.

Rutina Wesley in Farah Khan

She looks damn fabulous in the dress, but the shoes are fighting for attention. Something a little less complicated on the feet, please.

Ryan Kwanten

Sports coat-and-khakis combos, while classic, don’t look right on the red carpet. Halfway between dressed-up and dressed-down, they always evoke office attire or distant relations at a wedding. We love the top half and we like the shoes, but we think the entire look would have been much better if he’d worn a nice pair of dark jeans. He also needs to get that ridiculous thing out of his breast pocket.

Todd Lowe

A bit dull from a color point of view, but he looks kind of adorable.


[Photo Credit:  Getty]

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  • Megan Sullivan

    Oh my gosh! Evan Rachel Wood. Love love love it. 

  • APB

    Evan Rachel Wood is such a badass! She looks amazing from tip to toe.

    Lauren Bowles’ dress looks like she bought it from The Body Shop. I wish Ryan Kwanten’s bottom matched his top. Or something. Either way, ‘distant relations at a wedding’ is spot on.

  • Anonymous

    um, boys, we might need to discuss kwanten’s most important accessory.  the bulge.

    • Anonymous

      It’s … strange.

      • It is … a sock?

        • Anonymous

          It reminds me of an old fat man with his pants pulled up way too high and too tight … prob. not the look Ryan was going for.

          • Anonymous

            My first thought was “Depends?? Surely, he’s too young.”

          • oohsparkley!

            I was thinking an athletic protector – cup?  It’s probably just his hands in his pockets, pulling and making the zipper bend out in a funny way.

          • Anonymous

            Yep, that’s what it looks like. Very very odd.

          • You read my mind!  Those trousers are just way too tight and the tight “pegged-at-the-ankle” hem on the trousers with a shoe that is cut slightly higher than a standard brogue always looks a bit ridiculous – like Bon Jovi, circa 1987.    The bulge looks disturbing like there’s some inflammation going on down there. 

    • That’s all I can see when I look at his pic. My eyes zoom right in on his groinal area and won’t move anywhere else.

    • Anonymous

      Glad to see I’m not the only one who noticed!

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Evan Rachel Wood brung it!  Fierce Indeed!

    ASkars looks nice too, but he leaves me cold.  Joe Manganiello on the other hand….RRowrrr.

    I agree about Rutina Wesley.  The dress is gorge, the shoes too busy.  Now as long as Tara can kick some ass this season I’ll be happy.

  • WTF is going on with Ryan Kwaten’s crotch?

  • I lust for that Farrah Khan dress. Really lust. Going to check just how much I can’t afford it now.

    • Wow, I can actually afford some of her stuff, not much, but some. If you want to see for yourself, here’s the link –

      • Anonymous

        Oh my goodness. I just experienced gorgeous dress overload, and I only looked at the first page.

  • MilaXX

    Alexander Sarsgard – He looks sop him up with a biscuit good!Carrie Preston – Good enough, shoes are a bit boring, but not offensive.Deborah Ann Woll – Not her dress and the makeup is horrible.Evan Rachel Wood – Fierceness
    Jim Parrack – I think he looks okay. He’s wearing proper dress shoes & not cruddy casuals so I won’t quibble over needing a polish.
    Joe Manganiello – I’ll save the second biscuit for him.Kristin Bauer – This almost works, but the shininess does not look good across her middle. I wish the pants has been a solid black fabric.Lauren Bowles – I could take the ugly fabric and under the right circumstances even tolerate the side mullet hem, but that heavy black band just takes it all one step too far.
    Lindsay Pulsipher – Not hope hear, ugly washed out dress and pale cheap looking shoes.
    Michelle Forbes – I like the dress and the shoes/bag combo. It’s the hair and makeup that drag this look down. I’m all for celebs embracing the pale instead of turning themselves orange, but she needs some makeup to make her not look like death. A pale highlight on the cheeks and a bit of tint on the lips would help. Also throw some curls in that hair.
    Rutina Wesley  The shoes are the only misstep.
    Ryan Kwanten – Everything from the waist up is fine. hate those pants and undecided about the shoes.
    Todd Lowe – Boring outfit.

    • oohsparkley!

      I agree with everything, except I think Todd Lowe looks cute.

  • Evan Rachel Wood’s skin is, to me, like buttah.  It looks flawless.

    • Anonymous

      She has the MOST beautiful white skin.  Compare it to Deborah Ann Woll’s equally white skin, in the picture above ERW’s.

  • evan rachel wood nd joe manganiello

  • ERW is amazing. i think the bulge on ryan kwanten is hilarious, otherwise all the men do look extremely sharp.

    well, except for a.skars… because he always looks better without any clothes on 😉

  • Anonymous

    Kristin Bauer i – I realize perspective is at play – but she looks like an Amazon compared to the ladies in the background.

    That Farah Khan dress is GORGEOUS

  • Anonymous

    I think the men look uniformly good, with the exception of Ryan Kwanten’s bulge, which just makes me laugh.  I actually gasped out loud when I saw ASkars…oh, so pretty!  So well fitted!

    I think the main women look pretty solid too, except Woll’s makeup is waaaaaay too heavy on her and I feel like those shoes aren’t doing her legs any favors.

    I just CANNOT get over how cute and fresh ERW looks!

  • I think what is wrong with Deborah Ann Woll’s getup is that she did not accessorize. Plus with the nude shoe and her hair up it is like she’s asking the dress to do all the work. Switch out the shoes for black stilettos and give her a nice cuff or bangle. Then maybe a necklace or dangly earrings or put the hair down. But only one of those three, combine any two and it would be too much.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if she fell prey to the “my calves are too sturdy and my legs need lengthening” line of argument for nude shoes. Because she does have healthier looking legs than the bone thin models these poor gals are trying to emulate.

  • When are you going to have a post about pants that you actually DO like??  Cuz you guys always say you’re all for pants on the RC, but the pants always fall short (HA!).  The only pants I can think of that you liked were the ones January Jones wore… a year ago?

    • bookish

      Evan Rachel Wood is wearing pants in this very post and she got nothing but praise.

    • Anonymous

      And they also just posted Cameron Diaz in an (awesome) jumpsuit like a week ago, too. Not even that, it was on the 20th. I think lots of people do criticise women unnecessarily for wearing pants, but not TLo. 

  • Anonymous

    Evan Rachel Wood looks even better when compared to everyone else.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    Alex, Evan, and Joe are perfection.  I can stare at those outfits all day. 

  • I love that Rutina Wesley and Todd Lowe always seem to want people to remember that they only play batshit crazy on TV.  She’s so pretty and that dress looks fantastic that I’ll overlook the cages on her feet.  I can’t criticize Todd Lowe, even if he needs a haircut, because he’s Terry Bellefleur and so damn sweet, even with his PTSD, that I always want to hug Todd.

    And I just realized how very tall some of the men in the cast are.  ASkars, Manganiello and Parrack are all 6’4″ or taller.  Don’t know why I hadn’t thought about that, or why I care now, but it’s nice to see Parrack join his other giant cast members in the well-tailored group.  Last time he was on a red carpet he looked like he’d just come in from a bender.

    But while I like ERW’s new haircut in theory, I don’t like how it’s styled here or what she’s wearing.  All she needs is a newsboy cap and she could be a cosplay stripper.  It’s a bit too Oliver/Newsies for my taste. 

  • Anonymous

    Since Evan Rachel Wood already won this RC contest with her very own post yesterday, I’m giving Rutina Wesley second place (even with the shoes). This gal is ador.a.ble. And, she can kick ass.

  • Anonymous

    Both Sarsgard and Manganiello made me gasp out loud in lust. And sartorial admiration. They both just look so SHARP. And HOT.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t Rutina Wesley’s dress remind you of Uli’s dress on the Black and White Challenge on PR?  When it had long sleeves on the runway and Nina said “Pull up the sleeves.  See what a difference it makes?”  That all came to mind when I saw this dress…….

  • Anonymous

    What in the sam hill is going on with the back of Michelle Forbes’ dress?

  • Glen Coleson

    Who are half these people? I’m an avid True Blood fan, but i swear I’ve never seen a bunch of these women before in my life.

  • Love Ryan’s shirt/tie combo, Joe is dashing as always… but the real star is Evan Rachel Wood!!!

  • Alexander is top notch.  Evan Rachel Wood looks amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Evan Rachel Wood for the win. She’s given that dopey droopy suspender look new legs, though. Too bad.  Rutina Wesley is the runner up, looking very fine.

    None of the boys dress up so well as the gals, though I do admire the pink shirt/red tie on Mr. M. – he or his stylist chose well. Going to have to see if the the double breasted three piece suit with wide tie look is going to catch on – if so there are going to be a number of out-of-proportion fellas strutting around looking like rumpledy pigeons.

    My immediate take on the Ryan Kwanten trouser issue was adult diapers. Probably not, but he should rethink how he’s tucked whatever is tucked down there. Surely his shirt tails aren’t THAT voluminous.  Pity, he’s slim and tasty when properly dressed.

  • Anonymous

    ERW FTW!

  • Anonymous

    Michelle Forbes must be confused about which show she is appearing for, she appears to be channeling Mitch’s “i’ve been crying for 13 episodes” look….

  • I think the guys win, hands down.

  • Stare at Lindsay Pulsipher’s dress for a moment… Now focus on the gray part. That’s right, it’s a big ol’ arrow pointing at her ladybits!

  • Anonymous

    That three piece suit is stunning.

  • Alyson Lamble

    I’m not particularly wild about the three-piece on Skarsgard, it looks too heavy on him or something.  It’s just one piece too many.

    I continue to wonder why Joe Manganiello even bothers to wear shirts when he’s out and about, but he does look fine with ’em, too.

  • Anonymous

    Alexander and Joe look freaking amazing! Mr.Sarsgard looks especially good. Wow.

    Evan Rachel Wood. Holy moly! She looks freaking amazing too. LOVE.

  • Anonymous

    I just cannot get behind the 3-piece suit, even if perfectly fitted as that one is.  And it is pretty much perfect….

  • Anonymous

    Evan Rachel Wood does look pretty fierce, near perfect look. But WHAT IS IT with the dangling suspenders? Why are people doing that? I keep picturing them getting attacked by cats as they walk down the street with those temping useless danglies.

    • Anonymous

      Ha!  Then they could become little cat carriers.

  • Jennifer Coleman

    I want to be the middle of a Sarsgard/Manganiello sandwich, stat!
    Kwanten package is far too distracting in a not good way.
    Deborah Ann Woll is too pale for that makeup and dress.
    Michelle Forbes looks like she’s still playing a grieving Mitch on the Killing.
    Rutina Wesley’s dress & makeup/hair is fab – wish I could take a black Sharpie to those shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Rutina is the only one who looks, I don’t know, alive maybe. But you’re right about the shoes. Ick. 

  • “I want to be the middle of a Sarsgard/Manganiello sandwich, stat!” @JenniferColeman I TOTALLY agree!!!

    • Anonymous

      Y’all can have ASkars . . . I’ll take the Manganiello Wrap, please. 

  • AC

    I think DAW could have jazzed up her look a bit with a necklace. With the minimal makeup, hair in an updo and her fair skin…she just looks so bare.

  • Anonymous

    Swooning over Evan Rachel Wood…..she may be my new girl crush……

  • the pants-dwelling creature burrowed beside the parcel of ryan kwanten distracted me from the scale on which either end is occupied, at this event, by evan rachel wood {being lightly nudged by rutina wesley} vs lauren bowles {being nudged by no-f’ing-body}.

  • Anonymous

    Of Course Alexander is on top… Of Course! 

  • I love Kristen Bauer, despite the shine factor. That hair is awesome. Speaking of awesome hair — Evan Rachel Wood looks the best I’ve ever seen her look. Go girl, and make ASkars rethink his attachment to Kate Bosworth. 

  • Anonymous

    TV show premiere red carpet. Ummmm, no

  • Anonymous

    Kudos to whoever made sure that these guys had appropriately hemmed pants.  Parrack’s and Kwanten’s are just a smidge too long, but they’re sublime compared to the yards of fabric we’ve been seeing swimming around gorgeous men’s ankles lately.

  • All For You Sophia

    Alex Skarsgård and Evan Rachel Wood, you guys rock!!

  • Thank you!

  • James Carter

    Wow after seeing this I am so eager to watch True Blood Season 4 Episode 1  on sunday


  • eric blake

    I love Lauren Bowles Dress.  I’ve seen the dress in a shop and it’s incredible.  The fabric is Japanese, it feels like an eraser – it’s not a print.  She wore the dress wrong, as she turned it sideways – check this out

    I can pass on Rachel Evans Wood – the suspenders…?  really – look a bit cheezy and unnecessary.

  • E. North

    My favorite

  • Can these people just be happy the stars showed up? Almost everyone got a bad wrap for their clothing choice – just be DAMN happy they showed up at all. I think they all look great & am happy to see them out & about.

  • No Nathan Ellis? Was he not there or did you just leave him out?

  • Evan looks great, Joe too, burt Skarsgård looks like an ordinary norwegian man to me.

  • Evan looks great, Joe too, burt Skarsgård looks like an ordinary norwegian man to me.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve hearted Todd Lowe since GG.  He does look kind of adorable.