True Blood Season 4 Premiere Red Carpet

Posted on June 23, 2011

We’ve milked this particular RC pretty well, what with getting a “Pairs Division” post and a “Yea or Nay” post out of it, but you True Blood fans are greedy little buggers and wanted more, more, more. Since we never pass up an opportunity to express an opinion and since there are hot men involved, let’s run down the rest of the cast at the show’s season 4 premiere in L.A.

Alexander Skarsgard

Suh-weet. And his pants are perfectly hemmed. Tall guys look great in 3-piece suits. We’re digging the thick tie and lapels.

Carrie Preston

Wow, she looks cute and fresh. She’s shown up looking a bit on the matronly side more often than not. The matchy shoes are a shame, though.

Deborah Ann Woll in Tadashi Shoji

It’s different; we’ll give it that. We keep thinking it needs a belt, but then when we try and picture it with a belt, it doesn’t look right either. Also, nude shoes with this? Really? Tsk.

Evan Rachel Wood in Dolce & Gabbana

That is so fucking fierce we can’t stand it.

Jim Parrack

A bit business-like for a premiere. It fits perfectly but the dull taupey brown doesn’t really stand out in photographs. Love the tie. Shoes need polishing.

Joe Manganiello

Pink shirt and red tie? BRAVO. He looks fantastic.

Kristin Bauer in Lorena Sarbu

Looks a bit like formal pajamas. We like the idea here, but the satiny shine and the cut on the pants bring it several grades down from “chic.”

Lauren Bowles in Gomez-Gracia

Mmmm, no. That print is kind of ugly. We tend to dislike asymmetrical hemlines in any case, but when you draw attention to it with an absurdly thick black border, it goes from something we find annoying to something we think looks ugly. A clumsy, unpretty dress.

Lindsay Pulsipher in Nuj Novakhett

Looks like a pillowcase.

Michelle Forbes in Rachel Roy

Pretty, but a bit on the safe (or dull) side. Also, for pictures, she should consider getting a makeup consult because she not only looks deathly pale (and not in a sexy vampire way), she looks like she’s been crying all day.

Rutina Wesley in Farah Khan

She looks damn fabulous in the dress, but the shoes are fighting for attention. Something a little less complicated on the feet, please.

Ryan Kwanten

Sports coat-and-khakis combos, while classic, don’t look right on the red carpet. Halfway between dressed-up and dressed-down, they always evoke office attire or distant relations at a wedding. We love the top half and we like the shoes, but we think the entire look would have been much better if he’d worn a nice pair of dark jeans. He also needs to get that ridiculous thing out of his breast pocket.

Todd Lowe

A bit dull from a color point of view, but he looks kind of adorable.


[Photo Credit:  Getty]

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