Versace Spring 2012 Menswear Collection

Posted on June 23, 2011

Well isn’t this fun. For this collection, Versace took a look back at the good old days of Miami Vice and the house’s ever-present Greek key motif and baroque prints. But it’s not literal enough to be a strict redux attempt; this is more like Miami Vice by way of Jersey Shore, spliced with an old International Male catalog. Versace always did make its name by embracing the tacky and insisting it’s chic. There is no shy Versace customer and the house is extremely proud of and insistent upon that point. Take it in the spirit in which it’s offered. Gianni probably would have approved. We can’t see ourselves in many of these getups but a lot of them are pretty fun and we’d salute any guy with the nerve and the style (not to mention the body) to pull off one of these looks.




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