Donna Karan Resort 2012 Collection

Posted on June 08, 2011

Donna Karan offers her own definition of the term and for her, right now, “Resort” means a crisp, sharp look, heavy on the bold red/black/white combination, with feminine touches and party silhouettes. We really love this collection; a seemingly simple, very modern looking collection that plays on very classic forms. We love: how the laser-cut precision of the silhouettes accentuates and enhances female form and body movement;  the bold color combination; they way you can tell, even from still photos, that these clothes move beautifully. Resort doesn’t necessarily mean cruise clothes, but despite the starkness of this collection, it all feels light and ready to turn heads at a party. There truly isn’t a look here we don’t love.

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  • *gasps*
    The collection is absolutely stunning. I’m not even a fan of the color ‘red’ but my favorite looks from this collection have red it in. Imagine that.

  • Very nice!  Lots of wearable pieces.

  • love, love, love…..

  • Gorgeous. I’d love to own most of it.

  • I don’t love the gowns, but the clothes in the first, second, and fourth rows are fantastic.

  • Lauen newman

    Love it all, but one of the trench coats looks as if it was made from trash bags. The majority is stuff I would love to wear.

  • scottyf

    I hate girls.

    They get to wear the prettiest, prettiest things.


    *goes off to dress barbies*

    • MilaXX

      I *hated* Barbie growing up because she looked nothing like me. I have owned exactly one Barbie in life and that;s one MAC cosmetics did a cross promotion with years ago when I thought the sun rose and set on MAC.

      • Anonymous

        Wha?  The sun DOESN’T rise and set on MAC?!  Dammit!

        • MilaXX

          I…., I’ve been bad. I’ve been seeing other makeup brands. Even drug store makeup.

          • You…you WHORE!  How could you?! Shakin’ those application brushes all over town! Get out! Just GET. OUT!

            Jk :p

          • D J

            If you think MAC is orgasmic, you should look at INGLOT or Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. The eyeshadows of the first and the lip “glosses” of the second will end that bad MAC relationship for good. Or have a threesome. Whatever works!

          • MilaXX

            just ordered inglott this week, but freakin love occ liptars

      • Anonymous

        I bought my first Barbies for my 7th-grade science project. It was a very large eco-house, we’d decided it would look very if filled with tiny fake furniture and 50’s-style housewives, and no-one does Stepford like a Barbie does.

        In retrospect, the result was all a little atomic test-site. 

        Anyway, clothes. I would buy all of these. I would wear all of these, even though I have weird colouring, strange proportions, and an aversion to the colour red. I would straighten my hair into a flawless black bob, because these garments deserve that. Holy wow.

        • Anonymous

          Piker. I have stated I’m willing to sell my car to get the knee replacement that might allow me to wear the 4 inch heels these garments require (that is, require on someone of my height). If there were any money left over for the garments, that is.

    • Anonymous

      @scottyf: If it’s any comfort, statistically speaking, not very many girls get to wear Donna Karan. And a lot of them don’t look nearly as great in their clothes as either models or Barbies do.  Cold comfort, I know.

  • luvin it!

  • Anonymous

    This collection makes me want to crossdress. If I am to quibble (and I am), I don’t love the bottom left dress. Everything else is impeccable.

  • Bottom right in the first section of 6 is one of the most gorgeous dresses I’ve ever seen. Bravo on rocking the resort season without removing it too far away from the American people, DK.

    • Anonymous

      Ooh that was my favorite too…

    • Anonymous


  • Elaine Lang

    DONNA KARAN IS STILL KICKING, BITCHES.   This collection is gorgeous and wearable by a vast portion of her target customer.   Beautiful without being self-indulgent.   A+

  • Joan Hedman

    Wow, you like those two skirts with the dinner napkins stapled all over them?  😉
    Sorry, couldn’t resist… it really is a beautiful collection.  I just can’t get behind napkin-covered skirts.

  • Anonymous

    I think I like the white dress with Robert Smith’s portrait on it the best.

  • Anonymous

    I try, I really do, but no matter how many times I look at DK clothes, I just hate them. They’re ugly and dated and just not good. 

    I’m sorry, but, ew.

  • Question…how is this resort wear?

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you

      • Anonymous

        Me too.  Red satin, black parka, black leather jacket?  Looks very winter holiday.

    • RR

      It’s resort wear for the Holidays and parties!  

  • MilaXX

    I like. The black coats in the middle read a little heavy to me, more like Fall than resort, but I like the silhouettes. that first white dress is a stunner.

  • Anonymous

    If I was a tall, thin, rich girl this is how I would dress.  LOVE! I could do without so many little flared skirts but that’s a minor quibble.

  • kim i

    donna karan was one of my favorite designers to wear in the ’80s, and if i were still working at an office, i’d have each of the looks in the first row of three in my wardrobe today.  as well as a few others for cocktails, evening wear, and casual fridays.  instead i shall simply languish here at my computer, in my pajamas, and cringe (as i did the other day) when my daughter walks in and asks, “wow, mom, why are you all dressed up?”

    • Anonymous

      The scorn of the young. Their turn will come.

  • I wonder what TLO thinks about the cross “x” shoes they were referring to in the Demi Moore post. Nevertheless, an outstanding collections. I am a huge fan of mixing reds, whites and blacks. She does it eloquently here.

  • Anonymous

    J’A-FREAKING-DORE. I want this in my closet right this second.

  • Lisa

    Oh, completely BEAUTIFUL!!  I love nearly all of this!

  • Really hoping after seeing collections like this that we will see more A-line skirts on the racks in stores. So tired from seeing rack after rack of pencil skirts. 

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t pair the red X dress with the red X shoe, but otherwise a beautiful collection. Wish I could afford to step out in some of these!


  • A. Valera

    Yesssssss, por favor!

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous clothes. I’d buy every single piece.
    Hate the shoes. What is with the granny sandals all of a sudden?
    They really need a better name than “resort collection”. There’s nothing “resort” about it. Its some kind of inter-season collection.

  • I want it all! I don’t even go to the type of parties where some of these dresses would be worn, but I want them anyway.

  • Anonymous

    WANT the red Sabrina dress in row 2!!!

  • Anonymous

    her clothes always look like they weight a ton

  • Anonymous

    2nd triple photo row: 3rd photo, the black & white dress. I will do whatever it takes to wear that & do it justice. Sell my car & get a knee replacement so I can wear 4 inch heels, whatever.

    There’s a lot to love, here.

    Though, once again, the perennial question: why does Donna Karan herself usually look so frumpy when she clearly could design something that would be flattering on her?

    • Anonymous

      I think she’s convinced that one bare shoulder makes it OK. It’s weird that she usually looks like crap, because her whole schtick is she couldn’t find clothes that fit and flattered her body, so she started designing clothes that would.

  • Anonymous

    Love the tank with graphic skirt in row 6.  It’s a fresh summer look.  I’m going to imitate it with my full skirts from the thrift store.

  • Anonymous

    I’m usually not a big fan of her work, but this is beautiful. Sixth one down on the left (off white with slouchy top) was made for me.

  • Yes, yes and more yes. I’d like it all. As you said, boys, this wouldn’t be my first idea of resort but there a lot of beautiful pieces here. Dislike the shininess of the jackets but that is my only complaint!

  • Anonymous

    Love lots of these, not all. All the shapes and sillhouettes are fantastic. Wish I could teleport the first dress in row six into my closet right now.

  • Beautiful, though the long trench looks like it’s made out of tarp vinyl.

    I love the first dress and the silhouette of the looser skirts, but the first row right looks like a concierge at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

  • Anonymous

    100% wow.

  • Anonymous

    100% wow.

  • RR

    yay!!  I interned there for this collection and it’s so incredibly beautiful, even though I had no hand in designing it I feel so proud of it!  It’s just such gorgeous workmanship and display of taste and talent!

  • Love the red!

  • oh wow!  Love it.  Scrolled back 3 times to see the white(gray)/black suit which accentuates the hourglass shape.  The dresses are gorge!

  • All For You Sophia

    It is a bit severe for resort, but honestly, the clothes are amazing! I’m a bit confused though, because if you go on holiday somewhere warm, these clothes would probably give others something to talk about. And not in a good. way…