2011 MTV Movie Awards Part 2

Posted on June 06, 2011

Darlings, we still have plenty of bitchy work to do. We realize it’s a Monday and you may need to mainline coffee just to get through the day, but your services as a bitch are required. Get yourself a Red Bull or something. Ready? Then we’ll begin.

Alyson Michalka in Ramy Brook

A bit much for the MTV MAs. Looks like a bedsheet.

Ashley Bell

Very sweet and cute. Could have used some color somewhere, given how pale she is. We would have recommended some attention-getting shoes.

Blake Lively in Michael Kors

Gotta admit; she really looks good here. The only thing we’d change is the hair, which is a bit severe.

Brooklyn Decker in No. 21

There’s something kind of fabulously “disco Rosemary’s Baby” about this dress, but we think it would have looked much better with a pair of sandals, rather than those heavy pumps.

Bryce Dallas Howard in J. Crew

You’re pregnant. Congratulations. That’s no reason to be dressing like the Virgin Mary, though. Give her a donkey and a veil and she’s straight outta Bethlehem.

Crystal Reed in Ina Soltani

This looks like something from one of those “You can be a fashion designer” play kits for little girls. Like a hyperactive 6-year-old couldn’t figure out when to stop embellishing. We applaud the non-matchy shoes, but we’re not convinced a blue pump was the way to go.

Pumps are back, we guess.

Elle Fanning in D&G

Very cute and fresh and age-appropriate. There’s a bit of a diaper effect, though. We kinda dig the mismatched florals with the shoe pairing.

Emma Watson in Marchesa

Very pretty, but – and we hesitate to say this because she does such a good job most of the time – she’s in a style rut. Ever since she got that pixie cut, it’s been an endless array of dresses that look just like this.

Hailee Steinfeld in Louis Vuitton

Oh, come on, sweetie. You’re 15 years old and attending the MTV Movie Awards. Now is not the time to dress like you’re trying to find an internship for the summer.

Holland Roden in Jad Ghandour

WAY too much going on with this dress. It’s like it’s running off in all these directions just to get away from her. Honey, your dress doesn’t like you. Also, it’s a bit dramatic for the MTV MAs.

Katie Cassidy in Malandrino

Very pretty. Hair’s a bit limp, but we suppose a more polished ‘do wouldn’t have worked with this look.

Leighton Meester in Balmain

All things considered, this is not bad. Balmain sure got out ahead of the pack for this event. It looks a bit boxy on her and she should have worn a low-key shoe with such a busy dress.

Lil Mama

She looks like she’ll kick our asses if we don’t say she looks fierce, so … she looks fierce. The jewelry’s a bit much, but we actually like the platform booties. The dress is boring on its own, so the shoes give it a nice fuck-you appeal to the outfit.

Liz Lee

We’re not crazy about the boots and the dress doesn’t fit as well as it should, but major props to her for showing some out-of-the-box style on the red carpet. She looks adorable.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Dolce & Gabbana

We’re very over the animal prints, but the dress is okay on her. It’s the uber-matchy shoes that are giving us eye twitches.

Shay Mitchell


Skyler Samuels

Kind of a cute dress. Too bad about the shoes, though. Something with a little more oomph was called for. Also, the hair is just way too frizzy and brings the look down.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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  • lol at disco Rosemary’s baby

  • LAWD, that hair on Skyler is atrocious. 

  • suzq

    Type your comment here.Does Crystal know that someone glued cupcake liners to the bottom of her dress?

    Elle Fanning looks like she’s wearing a baby romper.

    I wonder how much Leighton Meester’s dress weighs.

    My favorite is Shay Mitchell’s dress.  Imagine it with kicky red or baby blue strappy shoes….

  • What’s with all the smirks on the red carpet.  Is there some sort of dental strike in Hollywood?  LOL Virgin Mary.

  • I rather see interview outfits then junior sluts.  Sometimes I see these little girls trying to dress way too old/sexy and wonder where are their Moms that they were allowed to dress like that.

    Crystal Reed looks like she has black coffee filters attached to the bottom of her dress, was there a crazy material project runway challenge we missed?

    • It’s good that the teens aren’t dressing like Bratz dolls.

    • Ugh, really don’t like that word “slut.”  It’s the mark of a lowlife when a person uses it.  And, no I don’t care if I “hurt your feelings.”   You ought not be using such vulgar words in the first place. 

  • Liz Dion

    Emma Watson is starting to give very Victoria Beckham-esque face. Sweetheart your young, rich, intelligent and gorgeous… why so sour?

  • Anonymous

    Loved your Virgin Mary quip. Having gone to many years of Catholic school Virgin Mary jokes never get old for me. Thank you for making my laugh on Monday morning.

  • Judy_J

    LOL at Bryce Howard comment.  Put her on a donkey and send her on her way.

  • Anonymous

    Holland Roden’s dress looks like 4 different dresses crammed into one and also something that would’ve been much better suited for the Costume Institute Gala some time ago

    • Anonymous

      Talk about titscrepancy… poor thing.

    • Anonymous

      Talk about titscrepancy… poor thing.

  • Anonymous

    ‘Straight out of Bethlehem” sounds like a Christian rap group Christmas album!

    I give this round to Lil Mama and Katie Cassidy (whoever they are). The WTF award for this round goes to Holland Roden. But in general, a whole lotta ugly trotted out that night.

  • Sorry, but I don’t like Katie Cassidy’s dress at all. It looks like something you’d buy at Free People, aka something that has gone through a shredder.
    Poor Hailee Steinfeld! That lipstick really ages her, and you’re right, she looks like she’s interning at a local newspaper. But she’s still adorable, I hope she turns it around soon.
    Don’t know who this Liz Lee person is, but girlfriend’s working it!
    If my name was Holland Roden, my dress would be trying to run away from me too. And what an ugly dress it is.
    I’m inclined to like Elle Fanning’s outfit just because she’s Elle Fanning, and because she broke free of the cocktail dress uniform. But I’m not crazy about the print. It does look a bit like a flowery diaper…
    J’adore Emma’s look, even if she has been looking like this a lot lately.
    Okay, I guess I have to be nice for the rest of the day now.

  • MilaXX

    Blake Lively looks really good here, i don’t even mind the hair so much.Bryce Dallas Howard – This is what her second or third pregnancy? I think it’s safe to say she can stop it with the virginal looks.Elle Fanning – The diaper effect ruins it for me.Hailee Steinfeld – So many young girls her age seem to go for pole dancer when trying to dress for events like this so I’m okay with this outfit.Lil Mama – I like her look here, but when did she get so skinny?Liz Lee – I like everything but whatever is sitting in  hair.

  • Who ARE these fetuses???

    • They’re teenagers and young women in the music world of TODAY.

  • Was there a wind machine on the red carpet?  Everyone looks like they’re posing for a perfume ad.

  • Wow, Leighton Meester’s body looks like the host organism of a virus contracted from a rabid disco-ball.

  • Alyson Michalka in Ramy Brook:I’m not familiar with the Ramy Brook fashion line. Was she the head designer for The Love Boat and Golden Girls?

  • Bryce Dallas Howard looks like she puked Pepto Bismol.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, shoe-matching is REALLY back in a big way, isn’t it? How depressing.
    Standouts for me are: Blake Lively, Emma Watson, and Katie Cassidy.
    Eyesores: Alison Michalka, Crystal Reed (looks like a girl-clown), Holland Roden.  

  • I know I say this every time you recap an awards show for The Youngs, but seriously: who ARE these people? 

  • Can someone please tell me what idiot decided rompers on anyone over the age of 2 was a good thing?  Rompers are for babies…  they have snaps in the crotch to make changing diapers easier without full clothing removal.  Any other reason is dumb.  Stop it with adult rompers already!

    • We wore them for gym suits in the early ’80s as teenagers. 

  • Anonymous

    In defense of Hailee S-  After the sea of dresses that were either a) too short, b) too skanky, c) too much for the event, d) too weird, e) too tight comes my gal Hailee looking pretty damned great. I’ll give you that her look is a bit dark and staid for this event but every time I see this girl I feel like someone who cares about her (like her Mom, maybe?) is working along with the stylist (that’s a good thing), that she is dressing within about a 2 year range of her real age, and that she looks comfortable and happy.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree, Audrey’s Mom. She probably could have made it a little funkier, but it’s nice to see a young girl who’s not dressed like a mini-stripper.

      I really do have to wonder about the whereabouts of the parents of some of these young girls. Have they relinquished responsibility to a manager or agent? I don’t think they should be forced to dress like they’re still ten years old, but what is up with the hoochie wear and the flat-out ugly dresses?

      And I sound like an old lady. All y’all can get off my lawn. And turn down that noise!

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree!  Also, for some reason I’m drawn to her makeup, which looks fantastic, and the red polish is fun!

    • I think she looks cute, although different styling might have helped.  If Jane Lynch or Tilda Swinton wore this, you wouldn’t have thought “job interview” at all… It’s a girl-tux, not a business suit!

  • Anonymous

    This group is just assorted ew-blah-snort-feh-ouch-blech-huh-etc, hardly worth the trouble . . . . 
     Emma Watson may be in an Emma Watson Rut, but the E.W.R. still beats most everything else it’s ever in competition with (though I must say, I think she made her sleeves here out of the two little lampshades in my bathroom).  I still don’t get the appeal of Blake Lively: she always looks awkward in still photos and (I’m serious) not entirely comfortable in designer duds.  But then I much prefer Joel Kinnaman and Brother Gustaf to Askars, so … a chacun son gout.   

  • Anonymous

    Love Emma Watson’s look.  I don’t consider anything a style rut when it looks so good on you.  I think it’s better to look great than to try to look different and not look great.  She’s a perfect example of wearing the dress and looking adorable.  I see her and her cuteness, not just the dress.  When you see the dress first, or the shoes first, or bag first, whatever, then you’re doing it wrong.  KWIM?  And I will never get the Blake Lively appeal.  She just doesn’t do it for me at all.

  • Anonymous

    I should have taken notes as I went through this so I could share comments for each one.  Turns out I don’t care enough.  A lot of ugly, a very few nice things.  The end.
    But I did love the Rosemarys Baby Disco Dress.

  • Amanda in Austin

    Who the hell are these people?!?!  By the time I got to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, I thought T and Lo were just messing with me.

  • Anonymous

    Ms. Decker’s “disco Rosemary’s baby” caught my fancy at first, but the more I look at it the more I think it does unnecessary  linebacker-ish things to her upper body.

    I liked Ms. Reed’s black & white & pom poms for the MTV Music Awards. The mistake was going with a serious shoe rather than some funky boot or silly sandal.

    Ms. Fanning – must disagree. No. No. No. Not cute. If you are old enough to wear 3+” heels, you are too old to wear diaper-ish rompers. See: Laugh at Clients, Designers & Stylists who.

    The black on black was a little much, but if Ms. Steinfield, at 15, wants to go to a major event she’s too young to be jaded about, and NOT have to spend the entire evening thinking about sitting & standing to avoid wardrobe malfunctions, I say that’s perfectly o.k.  Maybe she just wanted to gape at her favorite stars and enjoy the attention she was getting.

    Ms.Roden’s gown inspired thoughts of Ming the Merciless, whom I am sure would have loved to borrow it for for less formal appearances.

  • LMAO  at lil Mama’s commentary and Holland Roden’s as well. Skyler Samuel’s dress reminds me of Kirsten Dunst’s Chanel dress at Cannes closing ceremony.

    Lots of knockoff dresses from borderline D-list actors. First Lanvin now Chanel

  • Anonymous

    I would like Alyson Michalka’s dress if it weren’t made of muslin.

    Ashley Bell looks really cute despite the lack of color. And, God help me, I think Blake Lively looks terrific. Her appeal usually escapes me.

    Isn’t Brooklyn Decker really young? She looks like she’s 40 years old. Also, I want to be friends with Liz Lee. Very cool.

  • Anonymous

    “This looks like something from one of those “You can be a fashion designer” play kits for little girls.”

    Hahah, you guys. This comment made me think of those Project Runway challenge kits I’ve been seeing in funky little card/gift shops.

  • Anonymous

    Haha it’s Leighton Meester channeling JLo!
    And Rosie Huntington-Whiteley would look exactly like a giraffe if those stripes were spots.

  • Bryce Dallas Howard looks like she spilled melting pink sherbet down her boring beige maternity dress.  Poor dear…

  • sophie elliott

    For me, the only interesting person on this red carpet was Elle Fanning. I appreciate her sense of style.

  • sophie elliott

    For me, the only interesting person on this red carpet was Elle Fanning. I appreciate her sense of style.

  • Megan Sullivan


    Emma Watson: Call if a rut if you want, but she looks gorgeous and classy and has the best style out of the whole bunch.

    Blake Lively, as much as I can’t stand her.

    Katie Cassidy: simple and pretty and I would love to have that dress.

    Lil Mama. I wish I were fierce enough to pull off that look. She looks hot.

    Liz Lee: Adorable, whoever she is.

    On another note, Aly Michalka is starting to remind me of Christina Aguilera. And not in a good way.

  • Megan Sullivan


    Emma Watson: Call if a rut if you want, but she looks gorgeous and classy and has the best style out of the whole bunch.

    Blake Lively, as much as I can’t stand her.

    Katie Cassidy: simple and pretty and I would love to have that dress.

    Lil Mama. I wish I were fierce enough to pull off that look. She looks hot.

    Liz Lee: Adorable, whoever she is.

    On another note, Aly Michalka is starting to remind me of Christina Aguilera. And not in a good way.

  • Lil Mama’s boots are kick a$$.

    Blake does look better than usual, but I still don’t get all the fuss about her.

    Katie Cassidy looks great. Love the dress, and she doesn’t look too skinny.

    Brooklyn Decker’s dress is ugly. The glitter can only do so much.

  • Anonymous

    Disagree on Watson & Steinfeld.  Emma looks fresh and she’s in a
    rut? Then Hailee changes it up with something unexpected and you bash
    her on age-appropriateness and fun factor?  She’s tall enough and
    beautiful enough to look great in almost anything, let her have her fun
    while she learns. 

  • spooki C

    I guess I am happy that Lil’ Mama didn’t show up dressed like an adult baby again but she still looks ridic.

  • Kate McCain

    OMG, I just realized- if you removed the pink fabric and added an Elizabethan collar Bryce Dallas Howard’s dress would be just like Bitchell’s red carpet challenge dress on PR! 

    Also, loving Emma Watson’s dress

  • S. Jenna Lutz

    I’m officially out of touch.

    I recognize maybe a grand total of 3 of the actresses (they are all actresses, right?) – and two of those only because they seem to pop up here a lot, not because I’ve actually watched them IN something.

    Beyond that… you’re right about Emma Watson. The girl needs someone to introduce her to the concept of color.

  • Patricia Biswanger

    I know I am getting old, but who ARE these people?  I read the paper everyday, and I really try to keep up with popular culture — as nauseating as that can be — but I have no clue who most of these people are.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never heard of her before (surprise, surprise) but that Liz Lee is just adorable. The dress doesn’t fit perfectly nor is it the most flattering. But she’s clearly got a personal style that a lot of these bland little starlets lack. I even love the boots. But I love tough boots with a dress. I also adore the red glasses and lips and the turquoise hair. Really, really well-done.
    And while Hailee Steinfeld’s suit could have been a bit younger, I really love it. It’s refreshing to see a young starlet not adhering to the mini-skirts and nude heels uniform. 

  • Helen C

    I don’t know most of these people… Seriously, “Skyler”?  Always that was a bad fanfiction name written by a 10-year-old.  

    Emma Watson’s dress is really cute.  Kinda hate the smirk she has ever since she got the pixie cut. 

    I can’t help but think “Drag Queen” every time I look at Blake Lively.  

  • If Elle Fanning’s romper was blue, it would look EXACTLY like the PE suit I used to wear in the early ’80s!