2011 MTV Movie Awards Part 1

Posted on June 06, 2011

Let’s get cracking, kittens! There’s a boatload of bad dresses to discuss and we’re just the bitches to do the discussing! Hit it, ladies, we never heard of!

Aimee Teegarden in Alice + Olivia

It’s pretty. We love the colors and it fits her well.

Amanda Bynes in Hervé Léger

Oh, honey. Everything you are doing here is wrong. That is not your dress and those are not the shoes to go with that dress. By the way, not to defend the cross-legged, gotta-pee pose so many starlets default to on the RC, but here’s an example of why they’re directed to do so.

Amber Lancaster

Enh. It’s all right. Proportions seem a bit off.

Ashley Benson in Matthew Williamson

Love the skirt, but the bust looks like two fabric-covered coconut shells.

Beth Littleford

It’s fine, if a bit plain. We simply refuse to get behind the idea of neutral beige pumps paired with black tights IN JUNE. Was her stylist drunk yesterday?

Britt Robertson

It’s a great dress, but the hair and (presumed) makeup need some serious attention.

Cameron Diaz in 3.1 Phillip Lim

It’s fine. We might have ripped it if she wore it somewhere else, but the MTV MAs are just the place for it.

Chelsea Handler in Lanvin

Dress is fine, shoes are fine, hair is tragic.

Emma Stone in Bottega Veneta

FINALLY. Some style! We really like the dress on her and salute the accessorizing, which borders on matchy, but doesn’t quite go over the line. She looks put together.

Jessica Szohr in Alice + Olivia

Can wallpaper give you camel toe?

Kristen Stewart in Balmain

Wait. Why is she smiling? What does she know? She can’t possibly be happy on the red carpet, can she? It’s pretty, but it’s too short on her and her bra is peeking out.

Nikki Reed in Heather

That top is a  ripoff of the Blake Lively/Mila Kunis Lanvin dress and we hate sheer skirts over minis most of the time. We don’t mind the look here, though. It’s at least not a tiny little strapless ruffled cocktail dress.

Nina Dobrev in Georges Chakra couture

How can anyone try this dress on and not think they look like a Christmas present?

Reese Witherspoon in Zac Posen

Nice enough. These tight little dresses are apparently her thing now.

Roma Downey

Talk about a random. What’s she doing there? The dress is a bit much and she clearly needs to be Touched By a Bra.

Selena Gomez in Giambattista Valli

Truly chic and adorable. This is one of our favorite looks of the night. Fresh and young and very put together. Girl knows what she’s doing.

Tinsel Korey

Snore. Looks like she put it on while drunk.

Torian Bellisario

It’s all Pride and Prejudice up top and ripped hem on the bottom. Doesn’t really go together.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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  • Leslie Streeter

    Roma Downey is married to “Survivor” producer Mark Burnett, so maybe that’s why she was there. And yes, Angel Lady needs a bra. They actually have a whole store full of Angel Bras, you know. Look into it.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely loved Emma’s & Selena’s looks. As for the others…well..I’m still having trouble getting over the fact someone is named Tinsel.

  • Leslie Streeter

    Roma Downey is married to “Survivor” producer Mark Burnett, which is maybe why she is there. And yes, Angel Lady needs a bra. Victoria’s Secret has a whole store full of bras with her name on them…literally.

  • Anonymous

    Selena Gomez and Emma Stone definitely get best dressed in this bunch, though Emma Stone is looking a bit too skinny lately no?

  • lilibetp

    “Can wallpaper give you camel toe?”  I’m actually more concerned about the owl’s face effect the pattern matching has in that area.  Two big paisley eyes, a little owl beak and an open mouth right “there” just, forgive me, wasn’t wise.

    • Anonymous


      I also saw a face, thought it was an alien or something, but you’re right…it’s an owl.  The design below the beak looks like a crab to me…and that’s not the place anyone would want to display one of those!  😉

      • Anonymous

        That get-up is truly tragic. Also disturbing.

      • Anonymous

        I couldn’t force myself to look at it long enough to see any faces or patterns! Good for you for hanging in there!

      • It does look like a face.  Probably a Krab’s face.

    • Anonymous

      I saw a face there, too, and found it quite disturbing in a perverse way!!  However, I chalked it up to my own delusions!  So glad to know I’m not alone in seeing this!

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Szohr’s outfit gave me a grand mal seizure. Sure, it’s nice to see something other than another teensy-weensy badly styled dress on the RC, but this jumpsuit (or top and bottom, maybe?) is all kinds of wrong. Her gays must have it out for her.

  • Anonymous

    Re Amber Lancaster: Her portions seem okay, I think it is the proportions that are off.
    I don’t know who any of these people are, except Roma — and I had to look away.

    And that paisley jumpsuit burned my eyeballs.

  • Anonymous

    I think you labeled Tina Yothers as Britt Robertson, whoever that is.

    • MilaXX

      lol She does favor how Tina looked back in her Family Ties days, however Tina is no longer that young or small anymore.

      • I figure it’s the love child of Tina Yothers and Courtney Love.

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Szohr’s outfit appears to give us a diagram of her fallopian tubes and ovaries.  Not the best look, I’m thinking.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    There are a lot of really skinny people in really, really short, ugly dresses.

  • Anonymous

    “I’m actually more concerned about the owl’s face effect the pattern matching has in that area.” — lilibetp

    And I’m even more concerned about the nasty old crab sitting over her lady parts. That jumpsuit is truly hiddy and has given me a petite-mal seizure! 

    • Anonymous

      You owe me a coke!  VVVVV


  • Kristen Stewart: DAT DRESS. DAT HAIR. Love it.

    Emma Stone looks great too, she looks way better now that she’s got rid of the blonde.

  • Anonymous

    “those are not the shoes for that dress”

    Those are not the shoes for any dress, unless you’re going to Hell’s Prom.

    Kristen Stewart is young enough to get away with a dress that short, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look this good. Just the smile gives her a thumbs up. Torian looks cute. I don’t mind the weird hem. But Emma and Selena put everyone to shame. I have no idea what Selena does, but she really is adorable.

    • Selena is/was a Disney actor and now does music and has a CD out.  Your run-of-the-mill, canned, pop music.

  • Dear Ashley Benson (whoever you are),



    A concerned bitchy stranger

  • The way the pattern on Jessica Szohr’s dress falls makes it look like a cutaway of a medical model, fallopian tubes and all. YEESH how could any designer or person not see that?

  • Who are these people? I knew maybe 3 of them.

  • suzq

    Kids today just don’t know how to dress.  They don’t even know how to dress themselves for an MTV Music Awards show where you could wear just about anything…oh…I give up.

  • Roma Downey has also had her legs cut off at the knee!!! What is happening in Hollywood!?

  • Judy_J

    Amanda Bynes (whoever she is) looks like she’s wearing what was once known as a Playtex Long-Line girdle. 

    • Anonymous

      I know!  It’s too sad, i really like her.  She is a quirky, fun little thing.  She had a TV shoe for a few years with Jennie Garth and was hysterical in “Hairspray” as Allison Janney’s daughter.  HYS-TER-ICAL!

      • Anonymous

        She used to be so cute?   How did she become one of the Housewives of Orange County? What did she do to her face?

      • King Dex

        I love Amanda Bynes. She was great in “She’s The Man” with Channing Tatum and “What A Girl Wants” with Colin Firth- completely charming and adorable (one of my favorite things about the Hairspray musical too). It’s just that the dress and the shoes aren’t going to the same place. The shoes are clubbing at the latest hipster, fringe-covered, psychedelic bar and the dress is having cosmos downtown (and it really is just too tight). Since the dress begins an outfit, should she have gone a size up and accessorized in darker browns? Or maybe a sleek, strappy, bronze, 4-inch heel?

        • Heather Hayes

          Her shoes make me think of a clydesdale horse.

    • It’s an Azzedine Alaia.

  • OMG!!  I can not unsee that owl face now.  Really a tragic look.  Emma and Selena = best dressed.  Amanda Bynes looks like a faux Jennifer Anniston ( never good)  Yea! Kristin Stewart is smiling and I think she looks cute.

  • Emma Stone was my favorite of the night, hands down. Flawless. Selena Gomez looks super cute, as usual.
    What the hell happened to Amanda Bynes??

  • MilaXX

    Amanda Bynes looks like a Clydesdale.
    Chelsea Handler needs to do something with that hair and makeup. I get that she likes the California girl look, but this ain’t it. She always looks tired and haggard. get a hairstyle and put some color on that face.
    Jessica Szohr – I like the print just not all over like this. If this was shorts i might have given this a pass.
    Roma Downey looks like someone’s crazy drunk mother. The boobies are in desperate need of support.

    • Anonymous

      I think Chelsea looks tired and haggard because she is, well, tired and haggard.  On her late night show, half the time she looks totally hungover or still drunk from lunch.

      • MilaXX

        I can’t watch her show. Her jokes cross the line from raunchy to racist to me.

  • Anonymous

    Spot on and hilarious as usual. I can’t believe Witherspoon’s dress was a Westwood. It looks like a  TJ Maxx summer dress to me.

    Emma Stone hit it out of the park, and Jessica Szohr totally baffled me. I audibly gasped (not the gay gasp, but the WTF gasp) when I saw that pic.

  • MilaXX

    Highlights of the night were the Foo Fighters rocking out and Rob  Patinson  screwing up a joke and dropping the f- bomb ahead of the censors. Otherwise this whole show was a big snooszefest.

  • “she clearly needs to be Touched By a Bra.”

    Seriously, TLo, I almost spit out my oatmeal on that one!

  • Anonymous

    Wow!! What happened to Amanda Bynes’ face? She used to be so adorable!!! Did she have work done?

    Cameron Diaz – snooze-fest. Same thing every time, and I never understood her appeal, her face (like Renee Zerwilliger’s) just does not photograph well. Gomez is odd with nude middle, but cute.

  • aimee_parrott

    “Can wallpaper give you camel toe?”

    LOL!  And sadly, yes.

  • Jenna Kuhmann

    I love Aimee Teegarden and I love that she showed up looking so cute.  She’s the only one I like on this list so far.  Selena is cute but the dress is a bit odd for my tastes.  On to Part II!

  • Anonymous

    Gomez cute as can be …. Emma Stone also, in the ‘advanced’ division.  My only sorta regret is that these two Put-Together Best are also representing the size 0000 contingent . . . oh well.  

  • vmcdanie

    Touched by a bra. Excuse me whilest I spit out my lunch guffawing.

    (seriously, Roma Downey? Where the hell did she come from?)

    I seriously love the Aimee Teagarden and Emma Stone dresses (and, hey, I just saw Easy A so I love Emma Stone.)

    Amanda Bynes, honey you really need to find someone to dress you pronto. I get it. When I was your age, I wore Chucks and miniskirts. But I was never on any red carpets either.

    I’m going to say Kristen Stewart is an unqualified in because she’s smiling and I like her acting enough to really want to try to like her.

  • Anonymous

    Amanda Bynes is the biggest disappointment here (I can’t be that disappointed in girls I haven’t heard of). But then there is the bra issue with Roma Downey. Amanda used to be so cute. It’s like in 10 years she’s aged 4 decades, and decided she needed a facelift and spanx and beige to hide flaws. And just where is her neck?

  • Anonymous

    Aimee Teegarden, Emma Stone, and Selena Gomez earn high marks.  Kristen Stewart looks so dang happy, what’s with that?

  • OMG that Amanda Bynes looks is a scream!!  Definitely one of the top 3 BAD looks of the year!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, good god above!  That pant suit on Ms. Szohr is horrible!  I love the idea of a jumpsuit of black?white paisley but this is all kinds of wrong.  The deliberate mirroring of the fabric on the legs creates creepy effects all over.  Yuk.  And Roma? burn the dress, get a bra.

  • Kirsten Stewart is smiling because she knows she is taking off the pumps in about 20 minutes to put on those “I am really just a skate boarding chick in a dress” flats that made her look like a reluctant bridesmaid at hour 5 of the reception when the shoes come off for more dancing.  Everytime she stood up to get an award, my eyes twitched…

  • If Tinsel had worn the Christmas Present dress, that would have truly been inspired.

  • Anonymous

    Emma stone is gorgeous and I’m loving her look. And I’m glad she’s back to a hair color closer to the red!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I’m with NatalieD28, Emma S. and Selena G. are rockin’ in and the rest are red carpet road kill.
    Oh, well, actually, I’ll give Cameron a pass. Kristen Stewart, you cam so close. 2 inches more on top and 4 inches more on the bottom close. I love her shoes – maybe she is laughing because she just realized she forgot her dress.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t argue with your review. Though I will say that Ms. Dobrev’s Christmas wrapping dress DID make me think of Christmas (decor) instantly & it made me smile. So I feel kindly towards it.

  • Roma Downey = Yo! Random!  Ew.

  • Kristen Stewart isn’t only smiling — it actually looks like a smile of GENUINE HAPPINESS!

  • If I could have another child her name would be Tinsel

  • Mariah J

    Selena Gomez needs to teach Miley how to dress age appropriate, very cute. Also love miss Teegarden’s look.

  • HOLY CRAP, Roma Downey should sue the doctor(s) that did that to her face. Wow. WOW. She was so pretty! She looks like a RHofBH now.

  • Anonymous

    Someone named their daughter Tinsel?  

  • Elizabeth Denton

    If you don’t know who Aimee Teegarden is, start watching Friday NIght Lights RIGHT NOW 🙂 

  • Anonymous

    Tinsel Korey “Looks like she put it on while drunk” – hee.  Lately there’ve been so many necklines that need user’s manuals, it’s very entertaining.  She’s beautiful, though.

  • Emma Stone looks flawless. I want every inch of that look for my own. Smoking hot.

  • Emma Stone looks flawless. I want every inch of that look for my own. Smoking hot.

  • Megan Sullivan

    Favorite looks:

    Aimee Teegarden

    Emma Stone

    Selena Gomez

    And… dare I say it… Kristen Stewart, because I like the dress, really like the color on her, and LOVE that she smiled for once.

  • Megan Sullivan

    Favorite looks:

    Aimee Teegarden

    Emma Stone

    Selena Gomez

    And… dare I say it… Kristen Stewart, because I like the dress, really like the color on her, and LOVE that she smiled for once.

  • Agreed. Are all the stylists on strike?  Some truly tragic looks last night.

  • Agreed. Are all the stylists on strike?  Some truly tragic looks last night.

  • Anonymous

    Touched by a Bra–classic

  • Anonymous

    Touched by a Bra–classic

  • Anonymous

    OMG y’all, KStew smiled!! And it didn’t kill her!!

  • it didnt give her a camel toe, it gave her a blossom.
    beneath which lies a crab.

  • Cameron’s legs look like they belong on someone else’s body. Her upper half looks so much smaller!

  • Jessica Szohr looks like Rorschach’s mask (from Watchmen). It’s disorienting and slightly nauseating. (Something went wonky with my comment’s formatting. I hope it fixes itself.)

  • Anonymous

    Disagree on Stew – that dress is cool as hell and she looks hot.

  • When I first saw the picture of Kristen Stewart, I suddenly turned into a character from Addams Family Values.  When Wednesday Addams says she wants to be like the other girls and smiles.  The rest of the camp gasps and one character says “SHE’S SCARING ME!”

  • Anonymous

    There is an alternative to the god-awful holding-in-a-sissy pose — see Ashley, Beth, etc.  Emma Stone always looks good, doesn’t she?

  • Anonymous

    Who in real life ever smiles the way Reese smiles?  It’s always bugged me how fake that is, it ruins the whole of everything else.

  • Helen C

    Selina Gomez doesn’t look like a lollipop for once. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh shit! Beth Littleford! Girl, it’s been an age.

  • Is Britt Robertson the love child of Tina Yothers and Courtney Love?

  • Oh hush, all of you having a go at Roma Downey.  She’s letting ’em hang out and hasn’t gotten up the courage to have “work” done so I say, “go girl!”