Michelle Obama in Ralph Lauren

Posted on May 26, 2011

Shelley SHUT IT DOWN AGAIN. Go on, girl!

U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama host a reciprocal dinner at Winfield House, the residence of the Ambassador of the United States of America, in Regent’s Park, London.

Ralph Lauren Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Maryna Linchuk

Phil once again seems charmed by her and Betty’s starting to look like she’s had enough for one week.

LOVE the way this fits her and flatters her. It’s all about the right cut in the right size. At first we thought the necklace was a bit showy but we’re starting to appreciate the boldness of it. We didn’t think she could outdo that Tom Ford dress from the other night, but she managed it. Maybe the simple blacks and whites should be her go-to from now on. Oh, who are we kidding? If she did that, we’d bitch that she doesn’t wear enough color. Still, if she looked like this all the time without ever wearing a color again, we’d look stupid criticizing it. She looks amazing here.

[Photo Credit: getty, style.com]

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  • way to go Shelly O.  I’m not sure why she wore the ring on her pointer finger, but I can’t even really bitch about that!

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap, she is an absolute STUNNER here. Dang!

  • Anonymous

    She really is having a wow moment

  • Vic

    I. Want. That. Necklace

  • Aidan Bauernschmidt

    Stunning!! That silhouette is perfect for her! So proud 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Shelly needs to give her stylist a big fat raise.  Brava darling.  She looks amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Fabulous again.  And I love that in the last photo the POTUS is checking out the girls.  Way to go, O’s!

  • scottyf

    I was so waiting for this. I did a gay swoon when I saw it.

    In the last pic, Our President is saying: “You, me, a 40oz of Old English and Barry White. Baby, IT IS ON.”

    • MilaXX

      Our President is saying: “You, me, a 40oz of Old English and Barry White. Baby, IT IS ON.”

      In his best Billy D Williams voice no doubt.

    • Anonymous

      HELLO! She looks perfection. 

      And, of course, she’s got the perfect accessory: A mans who is looking at her like THAT!–GothamTomato

    • Anonymous

      LOL, oh yeah, getting their freak on in the White House, I love it! They are such a striking couple. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    She is gorgeous in this, as she was in the Ford. You know what always draws my eye, though – her hands. She has the most beautiful hands. I don’t normally notice body parts, but this is the exception.

    • Anonymous

      She does. Was she ever a dancer? The way she holds her arms and hands makes me think she might have had some ballet training at some point. Or maybe she’s just naturally graceful.

      That necklace is a bit much for me, but I love the ring and bracelet, and that dress is a total stunner.

  • The Queen is 85, I thinks she looks tremendous, we should all be that peppy at her age!

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same thing.  i don’t care how papmpered your life is, this is a very busy week for 85.

    • Anonymous

      And Prince Philip is 90 next month. All in the inbreeding has certainly created some fabulous longevity genes.

  • Anonymous

    WERQ — again! She looks so beautiful.

  • Barrack looks like he’s appreciating the view too.

    • No doubt.  Is it wrong that I think it’s charming that the prez is apparently looking down his wife’s dress?  Well, I think that it’s kinda charming when my husband does that to me, so at least I’m consistent.

      • I love love love how he looks at her. He is still in love and hot for her after all these years. And who could blame him?

  • WOW!! Fabulosity at it’s finest 😉

  • its**

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I like this even better than the Ford. I also love the hair. And double plus love the Tom Binns necklace.She has worn Tom Binns jewelery before, I guess she’s a fan too.

  • Amanda in Austin

    I love that her hubby is totally checking her out in that last photo.

  • Julie Cavin

    Love the necklace because you can wear it with Ball Gown or a white T-Shirt

  • Wow, best she’s ever looked!

  • Anonymous

    Love the necklace becuase you can wear it with a ball gown or T-Shirt!

  • Does she and Barack not wear wedding rings?  Because I don’t see any on their fingers….

    • Normally yes they both wear wedding rings. I imagine Mrs. Obama is not wearing hers because she is wearing so much other jewelry. President Obama’s hands are too obscured to really see if he is wearing his or not.

      • The way she’s holding her hands in the close up shots she could have hers on as well, depending on the style.  Mine slides up and down on my finger a lot.

  • Anonymous

    She looks AMAZING!  Perfect spot on, every detail.  And the best part is, from the smile on her face, she knows she looks good.

  • Joey Melliza

    GASP!!!! Dare I say she looks better than the model.  She is absolutely regal here. — enough of the high-waist wastes shelly! this is the way to go

  • aussiegal77

    Agree and the President is having a peek himself, naughty boy!

    Seriously though – great looks for both.  QEII needs a stiff drink it seems =D

    • aussiegal77

      I have to say as well that I love this dress even more than the Tom Ford one!

  • Judy_J

    Wow…just..wow.  She’s making me forget all about Jackie Kennedy Onassis.  Love the jewelry…it’s perfect with that dress.  Way to go, Michelle! 

  • Michelle looks incredible.  Obama looks like he’s the butler or waiter who got caught in the wrong area.  He really needs someone to start fitting and dressing him much better.

  • I love this dress even more than the white one from the other day! Amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Brava!  So nice to not see her in something that looks like her waist look in proportion.  Stunning.

    And poor Liz needs a nap, she looks so tired and she usually has ramrod posture.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like her hair or makeup at all – but the dress and jewelry are divine. 

    And a dress with a waist without a belt in the never-never land between empire and her waist!

  • Anonymous

    I’m gob-smacked, WOW< WOW<WOW.  I hope this stylist has a good, long contract.  Love the structure of the dress, think she needs this style in every color, fabric, length, formal, informal,  high neck, low neck, sleeveless, short sleeves, long sleeves etc. etc.  It suits her body type perfectly.  I thought she looked lovely in the white one, but this surpasses that by miles.

  • Anonymous

    Yikes, sorry it didn’t look like that on my copy.  I really like the dress.

  • Anonymous

    All right, I was gasping at every picture.  NAILED IT.  I’ve never seen this beautiful woman look so stunning.  Perfect!

  • Anonymous

    I am usually not a fan of Mrs Obama’s fashion style. I often wonder what others are seeing that is completely lost on me but these last two gowns have been perfect. Sometimes she wears cringe worthy inappropriate clothes or she will take a perfectly beautiful outfit and screw it up with a some boob belt, pin, poor fit, etc. These two gowns have been out of the park wonderful. My only slight criticism is the necklace, bracelet and ring are to much when worn together. She should have lost one or two of these items. I feel it distracting from the beautiful dress and her. Finally I disagree, she looks fantastic in solids and for the most part should stay away from prints.

  • Anonymous

    She looks stunning. 

  • Anonymous

    This is possibly the most gorgeous Michelle has ever looked, except for the black & red McQueen last year.  This one fits her so perfectly, too — whoever picked this out for her deserves a fat raise!  And the jewelry is also fabulous.  Better it be costume, too; there’s no point in trying to get into a diamonds match-off with Liz!  Although I find it interesting that Liz isn’t wearing a tiara; she normally wears one at any big fancy dinner.  Lord knows she has enough to choose from, too.

    I think in the photo where Liz looks like she’s stooped, she’s turning to go in.  As the guest of honor, not to mention just because she’s Liz, she decides when the photoshoot has gone on long enough.  But you can’t blame her if she’s a bit tired; she puts in hours and hours on her feet being gracious, which frankly I can’t imagine having to do every day for my whole life.

  • Anonymous

    And one more thing …

    Like your commented about Oprah, this well fitted gown really shows off her body. This dress is so slimming on her. It looks like she has lost 50lbs from 2 days ago in that Peggy Olson sofa fabric dress. The lesson here don’t give up carbs but get a great tailor instead. Everyone will be happier.

  • She looks amazing.  That dress fits her and flatters her *perfectly* — totally statuesque and beautiful.  Wow.

  • Anonymous

    The waist is long enough for her.  Yay!

  • Anonymous

    Wow!  I’m not usually as impressed with her sartorial choices as seem to be the masses, but this one’s a real winner.  Go, Shelly!

  • Fabulous. Mrs. Obama raves it in the UK.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE her jewelry and think this dress is worlds more flattering than the previous one. He’s strangely cute, strangely because ‘cute’ is just not an appropriate adjective for the nearly 50-yr-old President of the United States. But, he is.

    I’ve been thinking for a while now that the Queen and Prince Philip are leading quite a strenuous month of May for a couple who are 85 and 89. 

  • Anonymous

    Shelley looks absolutely breathtaking. This silhouette should definitely be her go-to for formal wear. He looks dashing, if not a bit, “Jeeves draw my bath.” Betty looks like she’s had it and wants nothing more than a hot cup of chamomile tea.

  • Regina Blecher

    How nice it is to have a First Lady who looks the part.  I did a double take when I saw the picture–she could grace any red carpet and come away best dressed.

    • akprincess72

      I would say they have all looked the part… It is a very individual position & they define it as they will.   The great thing is that the first lady role is constantly redefined & ALL of our first ladies have brought something to it.

  • Anonymous

    Just WOW!

  • suzq

    Poor, poor Queen E.  She looks as if she desparately needs a trip to the loo. 

    Our first family is stunning.  Full stop.

  • Anonymous

    Love It! Who designed the necklace?

  • Anonymous

    Can I just say I LOVE seeing a FLOTUS that is shaped like me–tall, small-chested, leggy and athletic–and seeing her pull out All. The. Stops. She looks fresh, sexy without being over the top, and respectful. It is SO refreshing to see this as opposed to the dreary power suits!

  • Anonymous

    Look how gray POTUS has got.
    And how old Phil is looking. I wonder how much longer he’ll be with us?
    Shelley looks amazing. Love the necklace, though not so much the bracelet. She should have a closet full of gowns with this neckline and the halter from the other day.

  • Anonymous

    I love Mr. O’s look at her in the last photo. He knows he’s lucky.

  • Jessica Goldstein

    I’m assuming the Queen is less “tired of them” then just plain tired. It is a lot for a women is now 85. As for Mrs. Obama, this is hands down the best I’ve ever seen her look. Just beautiful and, yes, regal.

  • Ella B. Mudge

    I think the Queen is giving the photographers the fish eye, whereas Prince Phil is just giving Shelley O the eye!

  • Jason Kramer

    I had some reservations about the Tom Ford look, but THIS is SHUTTING. IT. DOWN. Get it, Girl!!!

  • Anonymous

    “Statuesque” might be the word for her at the moment, what with this and the Tom Ford. She should do statuesque more often. Disappointed not to read any assessment of her Dublin apparel, especially the outfit she was wearing on arrival. I thought the silhouette and proportions were very flattering. The fact that I’m posting from Dublin matters not at all…

  • Bridget Dierks

    That last picture cracks me up… There’s definitely still sizzle in the presidential marriage!

  • Anonymous

    Now THIS is her dress! I thought the white one did weird things to her bust, but this is the most flattering neckline I’ve ever seen her wear. Killah!!

  • Anonymous

    This has to be my favorite thing she’s ever worn. This is a spectacular look for Shelly. I LOVE the that waistline is not right up under her boobs. I think the jewelry works well. I might have given her a slightly fuller hairdo, but that is picking at nits. Shelly and her husband are making me very proud to be an American. Way to represent!

  • Diana Martinez


  • Dress = fab.
    Necklace(s) = fug.

    It (they?) looks like a tangle of jewelry she yanked out of her dresser and threw on.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    She looks gorgeous!  

  • I like it, but she looks so uncomfortable, like she has to hunch her shoulders forward all night in one of those “now you see it everywhere thanks to ANTM” high fashion modeling poses.

  • Love the dress and adore how Barry always looks at Shelly like, “Guys, I get to go home and hit THAT!”  oxoxo

  • Anonymous

    OH.  Great.  Googly.  Moogly!  That is——HANDS DOWN———the most beautiful she’s ever looked!  More sophisticated that the last white formal.  I can’t believe she topped it.  Is that her gay peeking out from behind her skirt???

  • She looks gorgeous. Obama needs to take himself and those trousers to Prince Philip’s tailor for some proper hemming.

  • sunandmoon24


  • Anonymous

    And it looks like she might have even be wearing the red shoes! Hot

  • Anonymous

    Perfect. In every way. The necklace is amazing, too. I just want to know if she did the runway red shoes, but I can’t see them in these shots.

  • Anonymous

    Best for last … She looks divine … (oops, sorry: still “manly,” according to the British popular press ~ gah).  Pretty great job throughout the visit!   P.S. While I’m here:  Was her white gown the other night another Obama Breach of Protocol?  I read somewhere that only the Queen wears white at Palace state dinners.  Ruh-roh?? 

  • Stunning!

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap she looks great!

  • Lattis

    DAMN she looks good. Love everything about this look. 

    Why do you think the Queen is carrying a such a big purse? What the hell would she need to be lugging around in there? She could pack a full lunch in it: a Subway sandwich, a packet of chips and a juice box. 

  • Joy Laughter

    I love how in every pic with her Our President looks, utterly, completely gaga.

    • Lisa

      I know!!  They’re so cute – it’s adorable how in love he looks!~

  • Carol Emmet

    Oh, how i hope that someone on her staff reads TLo. She looks infuckingcredible, full stop. Love her to pieces. She is positively radiating gloriosity. Love! Her! Sublime!

  • Mariah J

    This one is nice, I like it a lot more than the other look which was just okay.

  • Lisa

    FABULOUS!!!  So proud to have such a lovely and stylish lady as our FLOTUS!  Oh, and I did love the Tom Ford dress from the other day too – I just didn’t get a chance to post about it.  But major props to both looks – she’s gorgeous!

    And the necklace! LOVE that!

  • Anonymous

    Yay, first lady! Hair is good and so is everything else.

  • Anonymous

    This gown proves that there’s no reason she can’t wear clothes with a natural waistline.

  • Anonymous


  • Rand Ortega


  • Anonymous

    Yes! This is by far the best of Shelly’s  three looks you’ve featured this week. She looks totally amazing. I am in love love with chunky, jumbly necklaces, and I love this one on her. Keeps the look glam but modern.

  • sonictofu

    That neckline is sooooo flattering – I used to have dresses with similar in the 90’s – I so hope it’s making a return!

  • akprincess72

    This is her dress.

  • elzatelzabelz

    Now this I can agree with you, she looks fantastic. Effortless poise and classic elegance. SO MUCH better than the Tom Ford or twee blue dress.

  • LOVE the dress. Looks great on her.  Not crazy about the severe hair.  Some lip color would have been nice.  And I can see I’m in the minority in hating the necklace.  But the dress is gorgeous.

    • Anonymous

      I hate the necklace too. I keep wanting to untangle it!

  • Patricia Biswanger

    Now THAT’S an amazing dress, and she looks fabulous.  I couldn’t agree with you on the Tom Ford, but this is so far above anything else she’s every worn, including that ill-conceived Tom Ford get-up.  She looks phenomenal.  (Except the eyebrows, of course!)

  • I seriously went OMG when I saw Shelley’s picture. That is a great fit for her, and the necklace is amazing! That’s the best fit she’s ever worn!

  • So in love with that necklace.

  • Dress…BEAUTIFUL! She totally owned that dress. Now the necklace…that is just wrong wrong wrong wrong…I hate that necklace. I think that necklace actually distracts from how Fabulous the dress is. 

  • Wow. Just. Wow. Stunning. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Fierce. Intelligent. Articulate. Educated. Did I say Gorgeous?
    I’m not gay Scottyf, but looking at them together makes me want to swoon too! This is just old-school elegance. 
    So very proud to have both of them representing us.

  • Anonymous

    Class Act!

  • With all due respect to a woman of her status:  Hot DAMN she looks good! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!!  I was not with you on the white gown she wore to B. Palace but oh boy did she knock this one out of the park.  Perfect in every way, and I love the necklace.  In the last photo, the president looks like he is about to eat her up.  How wonderful to see that kind of passion still there in what must be an incredibly stressful life.  No wonder she looks extra beautiful!

  • OMG this is THE BEST!!! I’ve never been a fan of her in black, but this is jaw-droppingly amaaaaazing! WOW.EEE. And I am now officially in love with her for her jewelry choices here! I can only dream of owning a similar necklace one day. Lovelovelovelovelove. She’s a freaking goddess.

  • This is the first time I said WOW when I see a picture of her!

  • Anonymous

    She looks perfect. I love the slicked back hair, and the necklace is to die for.

    Our house is Obama Crush Central. I have a crush on him and my husband has a crush on her.

    I love that she’s our First Lady.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, they both look amazing, and I agree what’s really hot about it is that it’s evident that they’re hot for each other! Perfection.

  • Lauren Bradshaw

    I love how her hubs is looking at her in the first picture.  Super awesome

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic gorgeous necklace. Can you find out more about it?

  • I am so not a fan of the Obama’s (ducks the rotten tomatoes) and normally do not think that she looks that great (including the Tom Ford dress that people raved about), but she really does look fantastic here.  I’m loving on that necklace, too.

  • Anonymous

    MUCH better.  This demonstrates that she should trash all of those high waisted dresses she’s been favoring.

  • Anonymous

    Mmmmmm…. incredible. I like this one a lot more than the white dress.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous! I’m not crazy about the necklace or the ring but I love that bracelet and the dress looks incredible on her.

  • Anonymous

    Leave it to Ralph Lauren. Classic, flattering, gorgeous. And that necklace–those necklaces?–is perfect with the simple black. Kudos to the FLOTUS’s stylist!

    Must add that the Queen looks adorable in her sparkly gown. Not stylish at all, of course, but that’s why we love her.

  • Anonymous

    Makes me sigh with pleasure and wishing I had that outfit, not that I could do it justice.
    Anyway, the Obamas are happy and they really look more royal than the Royals, the poor little things! 
    Did I say that I LOVE that outfit?!

  • Anonymous

    OH my heavens, SHEEEEEEELLLLLLEY O! This is amazing. I adore how the Prez is holding his hands, all like, “I better get hold of myself because I’m here with the hottest woman on the planet.” Elegance and fabulosity. Dang. *bows down*

  • Anonymous

    GORGEOUS! Yes, the necklace looks like a bunch of costume jewelry that has jumbled together into a big ‘ol mess, but so what, she looks FAB!!

  • Anonymous

    I agree that a bold piece of jewelry was needed to play off the dress but I absolutely HATE that necklace.

    It looks like she had about five necklaces in her suitcase that all got tangled up and she was all:  “Screw it, I’ll wear them all.”

    Outside of that she looks breathtaking.

    • Anonymous

      The necklace was designed by Tom Binns http://www.tombinnsdesign.com/  . I was suprised the first time she wore one of his necklaces, not typical for the Washington DC set by quite a long shot. He’s been designing jewelry since the 80’s, but has only become famous in the last 3 or 4 years. He’s not to everyones taste to be sure, but I love him..

  • This is the best she has ever looked in a series of really excellent outfits.

  • Stylist Sainthood.  Matching the just-not-quite-over-the-top necklace with the precise tones in her husband’s hair.
    Whoever your gay is, Shelley, give him a raise.  Knight him (oh wait, that’s Betty’s call).  It doesn’t hurt that he clearly worships the ground beneath her feet.

  • Anonymous


  • I literally said “WOAH” when this loaded.  She looks great!

  • Anonymous

    Amazingly beautiful I want that dress. My only quibble is her bust, which looks slightly flattened (maybe some chicken cutlets would’ve helped). But really, she is IT. She done us proud. God bless America.

  • WINNER!!! I’m glad we have a First Lady who has style for miles…

  • Anonymous

    she looks fantastic my only crit is that dress really pulls and flattens the  bosom.

  • Beth Wei

    so amazing. I love the big necklace.

  • Best, Best, Best EVER

  • Anonymous

    Unbelievably, gorgeous! Absolutely stunning.

  • Best she’s EVER looked–gorgeous!