Gotham Awards 2023 Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on November 29, 2023


We gave a ton of attendees a little spotlight post action and you can read all about them by clicking here and getting magically whisked away to a world of wonder and bitchery, but it’s long past time for these two bitches to wrap up the coverage of the 2023 Gotham Awards. Join us, won’t you?


Ali Wong in Dior Couture

We don’t like this, but we’ll let other people make the joke that’s coming to mind right now. We know you can do it.


Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor

It’s fun and we love how she avoids cliche. It’s giving more rockstar than prestige actress, but the lady likes what the lady likes. We think the cut of the pants could be improved to suit and fit her better, however. The pointy-toed boots are a surprise. We expected platforms.


Bel Powley in Simone Rocha

This is exactly how you are legally required to dress if your name is Bel Powley. It’s all SUPER girly and borderline fairy tale, but it looks cute on her. Having said that, the longer welook at it, the more we realize how overdesigned that frock actually is. The pale color hides a lot of foofaraw.


Bella Ramsey in Hanifa

This is just so perfectly them that it made us smile. We aren’t a hundred percent convinced it comes off red carpet ready. Ironically, despite our complaining about it throughout this post, we think the coat might come off more formal in black. Looks a little utilitarian in that blue, although we suspect that was part of the appeal to them.


Carey Mulligan in Valentino

Sure. Fine. She is who she is, which means we are going to be treated to the most low-key high fashion Oscar campaign you ever saw.


Carla Gugino in Pamella Roland

Sometimes, tacky just works. If you’d described a dress with red lace panels at the midriff and running all the way up to the thigh, we’d cringe and suggest having it burned without ever taking a look at it. But y’know? She looks pretty great in this. It’s not chic and we wouldn’t recommend it for most wearers, but she’s pulling it off.


Danielle Brooks in Hanifa

The outfit’s cute, but the hair is distracting worn that way.


Dominique Fishback in Givenchy

Another example of someone pulling off the theoretically un-pull-off-able. We suspect this dress is very pose-specific, but she’s working the exact right pose for it, so we can’t get mad. It’s also tacky, but she looks hot in it.


Greta Gerwig in Brandon Maxwell

Sometimes we think her style choices come off a little matronly or mature for her. There’s an elegance to this, and we can understand why she wouldn’t want to dress like an actress at this moment, but there’s also a stuffiness to it that doesn’t really reflect her personality.


Greta Lee in Loewe

We’re also surprised to admit that we love this dress on her, even though we tend to hate side cutouts. She’s working the hell out of it. We feel like the sandals might be distracting a little.


Julianne Moore in Saint Laurent

It’s fine enough. She’s styled in a way that makes this featureless void look dramatic.


Juliette Binoche in Prada

Very respectable, but the neckline and sleeve situation are body distorting and look a little restrictive. She needs a statement piece of jewelry.


Laura Dern in Gabriela Hearst

We can’t love black satin suits, but we’ll give her this one. The look is fun.


Lena Waithe in Zegna

We’ve seen her do much better with much nicer suits. The color is bad and the cut of the pants is even worse. We feel like you need a well-tailored dress pant to pull off those boots with it.


Michelle Williams in Schiaparelli


It’s boring and the entire bodice is shaped weird.

Natalie Portman in Dior CouturePin

It’s an interesting and eye-catching textile. It seems to us that the color of the embroidery is not set off well by the color of the fabric. Or perhaps a more direct issue, we don’t think the color story is great for her own coloring.


Penélope Cruz in Chanel

We’re not inclined to love this much white lace on a red carpet, but this looks surprisingly great on her.


Rachel McAdams in Givenchy

Lady, we can’t even see what you’re wearing. This is why we’re always bitching about too much black on the red carpet. It’s literally the least photogenic choice you can make. Nice ring, though.





[Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

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