Brazilian Pop Star Anitta Covers INSTYLE’s September Issue

Posted on September 14, 2023


Anitta, the beloved Brazilian pop star is preparing to drop her next album, and grappling with what that means for the character she created. For InStyle’s September cover, the global sensation shares how Anitta the persona was born, the future she sees ahead for herself as Larissa, and what her next album means for her identity. Plus, for the first time ever, she opens up about how a recent cancer scare shifted her mindset.




On how her character of Anitta protects her: “Anitta does everything and says everything, is not scared of anybody, fucks everybody, and sex is whatever for her,” she says, with a devil-may-care hair flip. “I just thought that if my personality was like that, maybe [a sexual assault] wouldn’t happen with me, because I was going to have so much attitude that nobody was going to have the courage to fuck with me.”
On the health scare she experienced late last year: “I had problems in my lungs, I had a cancer [scare]. I spent months in the hospital. Nobody could figure out what I had,” she recalls. A shaman was recommended to her, and Anitta began a spiritual treatment journey. “I came back completely changed,” she says as her eyes widen.
On wanting to be open about her sexuality: “Even Larissa or Anitta, both are not hypocrites,” she asserts. “This is one thing I am not, in both characters.” Still, she deals with bi-erasure. “Some people say I am a ‘fake bi,’ because I never dated a girl like a long-term relationship. But come on, even my relationships with guys cannot last more than three months,” she says, cringing.
On balancing between Anitta and Larissa in her next phase of life: “I have a lot of therapy,” she says. For a while, she didn’t “admire” the character she portrays, even she would “judge it.” “It’s like two different humans in one body,” she explains. “Because I think Anitta is pretty much a big ho,” she laughs. Jokes aside, the image she projects has impeded her ability to have it all, a point of frustration. “Right now I want to have family and stuff, but this character doesn’t let me,” she admits. For as unrelatable as Anitta may seem, feeling that your career goals and family desires are at odds is a surprisingly relatable experience. Maybe, if she slows down, “Larissa can have a personal life a little bit,” she says wistfully.
On being honest with her younger generation of fans: “They’re looking online and they’re thinking that what they see online is the truth. Everybody’s happy all the time. Everybody has a lot of money all the time, that they wake up with all the energy to work harder and harder, and they don’t feel bad, they don’t feel sad,” she says, wildly gesturing at the camera. “And I think that can be dangerous for the new generation. So, I like to be honest.”


[Photo Credit: Josefina Santos for InStyle Magazine]

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