THE LITTLE MERMAID and THE COLOR PURPLE Star Halle Bailey is GLAMOUR’s Global Cover Star!

Posted on May 24, 2023

Gracing four covers, GLAMOUR U.S., Mexico, Germany and Spain, 23-year-old Halle Bailey is about to step into her own as an actor in not one but two high-profile remakes of beloved classics, THE LITTLE MERMAID and THE COLOR PURPLE. Expectations are soaring, but Bailey is more than ready.











On internet videos of young Black girls gleefully reacting to an Ariel they identified with: “When I saw those for the first time, I just cried. I was sobbing uncontrollably. The fact that these babies are looking at me and feeling the emotions that they’re feeling is a really humbling, beautiful thing.”

On relating to Ariel: “I really hope that I put my own stamp on her character by showing more of her vulnerability. I felt like I could relate to her growing up in a big family and having older sisters to guide you, and having a father that’s very protective and overbearing at times but loves so hard.”

On hair stylist Camille Friend making a transformation that entailed dyeing Bailey’s roots red and wrapping her locs with hair the same shade: “[Ariel still] has red hair, because that’s a very iconic part of her, but I really did admire the fact that because I’m a Black woman and I have locs, [the producers] wanted to incorporate that into Ariel’s look. They’re both women of color, so I felt very comfortable. They know how to take care of me and my hair and makeup. I’ve been on sets before where that’s not the case.”

On keeping the details of her personal life discreet:  “It’s really funny how people look at you [as] still being this young girl, still being this innocent, untouchable thing. I appreciate that as I venture into adulthood, I’m able to make my own decisions. For my peace and my sanity, I have to keep that private.”

On not letting attention get the best of her: “Mentally, sometimes it’s really difficult being in this industry knowing that there are so many opinions [about] you and what you’re doing, or what you should be or what you could be doing better. People sometimes put you on this pedestal. They forget that you’re a real human being. They forget that you have feelings, that you cry.”

On her purpose: “The awards and the accolades and the people complimenting, it’s all great, but what [am I] here for really? What am I doing to give it back to God? What am I doing actively to be a better person every single day?”


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Germany Cover Look: Supriya Lele Dress | Lorraine West Earrings and Bracelets | Alexander McQueen Ear Cuff and Ring | Alexis Bittar Bracelets | Jennifer Fisher Ring
Spain Cover Look: LaQuan Smith Dress | Brother Vellies Shoes | Alexis Bittar Earrings
Mexico Cover Look: Miu Miu Jacket, Top, Bra, Shorts and Skirt | Alexis Bittar Earrings and Bracelets | Lorraine West Necklace | Pebble London Bracelet
US Cover Look: Marc Jacobs Dress and Shoes | Alexis Bittar Earrings | Jennifer Fisher Rings

[Photo Credit: AB + DM for Glamour Magazine]

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