STYLE FILE: Anne Hathaway at the Bulgari Hotel Tokyo Opening in Givenchy and Valentino

Posted on April 04, 2023


Miss Annie is out collecting her diamond dollars and serving looks. The Bulgari brand ambassador is in Tokyo for the grand opening of the Bulgari hotel and she gave the people their money’s worth, delivering star power and high fashion. We like to think that every night in a Bulgari hotel, they come in and leave a diamond on your pillow. Anyway, let’s assess, shall we?


At the Photo Call in GIVENCHY


This strikes us as somewhat low-effort, although we feel a little funny saying that about a look that entails straplessness, a short skirt and stiletto sandals. It’s just that the whole ensemble was essentially devised as a back drop for two things: her world-famous face and a shit-ton of diamonds. After all, that’s what everyone’s here for. If she were on a premiere red carpet, we might ding her a little for the rather laid back styling, but like we said, she had one job here and she’s doing it just fine. The necklace really doesn’t go with the dress, though.



At Opening in VALENTINO


This feels much more curated and coordinated, maybe because it was put together to show off a specific piece. The overall vibe is cute, but we don’t like the shape of the sleeves or the curve of the neckline and we think the purples needed to be further apart. If you can’t match them perfectly, go for darker or lighter shades to do the whole tone-on-tone thing effectively. Still, she looks pretty cute. She should have worn her hair up or back in order to show off the necklace better.


Style Credits:
First Look: Givenchy Dress with Bow Detailing from the Fall 2023 Collection | Bulgari Jewelry
Second Look: Valentino Duchess Silk Mini Dress from the Pre-Fall 2023 Collection | Bulgari Jewelry | Valentino Platform Shoes

Styled by Erin Walsh | Hair by Adir Abergel | Makeup by Gucci Westman


[Photo Credit: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images]

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