Pop Style Opinionfest: THE MENU, BABYLON and Prince Harry Going Spare

Posted on January 06, 2023

We SWEAR TO GOD we had no intention of doing anything Sussex-related on the podcast for the foreseeable future, but Harold had some things to get off his chest and as the revelations and shocks mounted, we realized we couldn’t get away with not weighing in on a few things. BUT FIRST…



We go into all of the reasons why we loved The Menu and think you should watch it, Number One on the list being “Because Hong Chau is in it.” Then…




We unpack all of the reasons why film scholars and some film critics are so mad at Babylon, why it didn’t make us nearly as mad as a certain other classic Hollywood-themed film of this year, and come down to opposing points of view regarding whether or not we can recommend it to you.

But yes, we go all in on everything that’s dribbled out so far regarding Prince Harry’s memoir Spare, how it tends to reinforce much of what we’ve said regarding the Sussexes, and why we think they’ve both reached the end of the road for this kind of material. It’s time for that brand to mean something more than just its grievances.




Thank you once again for listening, darlings. We only ask that you do listen to the podcast if you want to join in on the conversation below.



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