Princess Cathy Keeps Things Neutral

Posted on November 03, 2022

Prince William and Catherine Princess of Wales visited Scarborough today to announce funding to support young people’s mental health through a collaboration between The Royal Foundation & The Two Ridings Community Foundation. To mark the occasion, the Princess returned to her old style favorite: minimalist neutrality.



This is almost aggressively neutral. We’d almost believe she was sending some sort of message except we tend to find the “secret royal message through clothing” genre of story to be excessively silly and overwrought. No, your girl was just feeling beige today, as she’s been known to, from time to time. The royal fashion press is really committed to running with the story that Kate is undergoing some sort of style evolution in her new role, but we don’t see that at all. If anything, she’s playing out exactly the sort of image she so painstakingly created over the last decade: a dutiful royal servant in classic royal style. It’s been said a million times before, but her style mentor is so clearly Elizabeth and her trend-averse choices are so defiantly Un-Diana in tone. In other royal news, it’s something of a rare treat to see Kate struggling with navigating the world in her beloved stiletto heels. She’s so well-trained, that you almost never see her put a wrong foot (pun intended). That bag is kind of silly but we suppose she needs it to send signals to staff.


Style Credits:
DeMellier ‘Nano Montreal’ Bag in Deep Toffee
Ralph Lauren Heels


[Photo Credit: PA Images/ Images]

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