Helen Mirren at The American French Film Festival 2022 Award Ceremony: IN or OUT?

Posted on November 03, 2022

Look, you love Dame Helen Mirren, right? Sure, we all do. Which is why we’re putting your love to the test with this one simple question.


Has Dame Helen kind of…lost it? Or is this just a fun bit of senior eccentricity popping up in her style? Is this cheekily put together? Or does she look like a not entirely well woman who is possibly in mourning? Does this aggressively random collection of items that absolutely do not go together in any way come across like eclectic, free-wheeling boho style or is it just a pile of stuff? Is it possible she’s pulling this off with a sense of fun and silliness? Are we just not getting it? Do you actually like this? Oh, wait. We said we only had one simple question. Well, here it is, boiled down to its essence:

Helen Mirren’s Mismatched Eccentricity:

IN or OUT? 

Do you love her enough to tell her the truth?


[Photo Credit: Aurore Marechal/ABACA/INSTARimag/Cover Images]

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