Nicole Kidman in Christian Siriano at Omega Event in Nashville

Posted on October 25, 2022

Nicole Kidman did a little watch-modeling over the weekend, and in order to secure her modeling check, she turned to Christian Siriano to hook her up with the appropriate watch-modeling frock.


We’d say he did alright by her. This is a fun, sexy, bright and bold look, which is kind of depressing in its own way because it seems like she never dresses this way when she’s promoting her own stuff. Granted, she’s really well-suited to the high-fashion prestige actress styles she tends to prefer, but we wish she’d loosen up like this a little more often – and not just when she’s picking up a check to do a little watch modeling. Having said that, we have quibbles. There are two things here that long-time readers will spot immediately as Things T Lo Hates. The first is the Silly-Putty-colored shoe. Neutral and nude shoe colors seem to be swinging back in trend and we’ll take this brief moment before we’re likely to become sick of them again to note that we don’t have an objection to the style itself. We’d even go so far as to say that they work well here, doing exactly what the so-called nude shoe is supposed to do for its wearer: elongate her legs. Most of the time, when you hear us rail against one of our style bugaboos, it’s because the trend has become over-saturated and we become sick of looking at it. Right now, neutral or nude shoes don’t seem so overdone. The second item we tend to hate are big-ass bows (or even big ass-bows) on clothing for adults. But we are not inflexible on these matters and we tend to think if a dress looks like it was designed for a Christmas party, the bow might not be totally out of the question. In this case, we don’t mind it nearly as much as we mind the neckline, which is just a weensy bit too bulky.



Style Credits:
Christian Siriano Electric Green Sequin Draped Bow Dress from the Resort 2023 Collection
Omega Watch
Roger Vivier ‘I Love Vivier’ Pump

Styled by Julia von Boehm | Hair by Kylee Heath | Makeup by Kelsey Deenihan Fisher


[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Omega, Shane Lavancher/Courtesy of Christian Siriano]

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