Kerry Washington Promotes THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL in Valentino, Rokh and Balmain

Posted on October 28, 2022

The School For Good and Evil star Kerry Washington has been out here on these streets all week, poledancing like crazy for the new film. We haven’t liked much of her style choices lately, but we are pleased to announce that we love 2/3 of what’s in this post. You can probably tell which ones we liked just from the thumbnail collage, but LFG anyway!


At THE VIEW in Valentino


We’ve been bitching a lot about the overuse of draggy marabou feathers in fashion lately, but this is really, really cute. It helps that the feathers are relatively contained in the design and not exuberantly flapping around every time she moves. It also helps that the dress is really simple and the color looks great on her.



At THE VIEW in Rokh

Ma’am, you almost had us until you turned around. A decent dress ruined by a perfectly silly reverse mullet skirt. To be fair, the fit on that bodice is nothing to get excited about either (hence the “decent” descriptor, because we couldn’t bring ourselves to call it good).





It should be noted for the record that Lorenzo dubbed her pants/boots hybrid “poots” during our editorial meeting this morning. We think the term has real legs. (sorry) ANYWAY, this is kind of a spectacular look and while the heels on those poots look a little silly to us, the rest of the outfit kicks ass.


[Photo Credit: Darla Khazei/ Images, Janet Mayer/ Images, ROGER WONG/ Images]

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