Academy Museum Gala 2022: Alicia Vikander, Emma Stone and HoYean Jung in Louis Vuitton

Posted on October 18, 2022

Three lovely ladies (who are also LV ambassadors) hit the Academy Museum Gala in fairly similar Louis Vuitton dresses. We’d have thought the house would want to make sure their celebrity models looked distinct from each other, but we suppose there’s some strong branding behind the idea. After all, are we not grouping them together and discussing the brand in our coverage? Looks like it worked – so long as you subscribe to the idea that any press is good press, because we’re not even going to be coy about it: we hated all three frocks.









Three beautiful women in three absolutely hideous garments. There’s nothing here for us to break down or critique or assess. It’s all bad and it’s all unsalvageable. We do like HoYeon’s combination of laceup boots and lace tights, but that is literally the only bit of style in all of these pictures that appeals to us. Our condolences to Alicia, Emma and HoYeon, as well as our appreciation of just how good an actress each of them are. If someone made us wear something this ugly and pose for pictures, you wouldn’t be able to get the scowls off our faces unless you pulled a gun on us.


[Photo Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Academy Museum of Motion Pictures]

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