Meghan Markle at The One Young World Summit 2022

Posted on September 06, 2022

We just got finished explaining in our last podcast that we feature the Duchess of Sussex relatively rarely (as compared to her sister-in-law) because she makes so few public appearances in discussable fashion, when Megs had to go and prove us wrong. She and Prince Harry are in the UK for a series of events, the first one being their appearance at the One Young World Summit and she wore this smart, eye-catching number:



If we want to be really super nit-picky, we’d say that the blouse tuck needs zhuzhing and a contrasting shoe would’ve been a better choice, but for the most part, we really like this look. We spent her royal years begging her to embrace more color, but despite her ability work a range of vivid hues, red seems to be her go-to when she opts not to wear her preferred neutrals. But she looks legitimately great, so we’ll lay off our bitching. Harry is wearing an acceptable suit, which is pretty much all we can expect from him.



Style Credits:
Another Tomorrow Bow Blouse and Classic Trouser in Fire Red
Aquazzura Shoes

[Photo Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images,]

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