Andrew Scott, Bella Ramsey, Lena Dunham and Joe Alwyn at the CATHERINE CALLED BIRDY Premiere

Posted on September 21, 2022

Lena Dunham is getting a lot of acclaim for her turn writing and directing Catherine Called Birdy. The title may not grab you, but the cast just might, and the trailer (below) looks fantastic. Speaking of looking fantastic, the cast and director of Catherine Called Birdy, everyone!



This is such a fun, eye-catching grouping of looks that coordinates really well but let’s each of them look unique. No one is pulling focus.



Andrew Scott

That is such a 1940s bathroom green, but it looks surprisingly great on him. The beige color of the shirt works really well to make the green pop and to coordinate with his own coloring. Do we love the giant collar? Not really, but it doesn’t detract from the look and it gives it more of a distinct feel.




Bella Ramsey

Absolutely flawless, from the winged eye to the cummerbund, to the boots. She looks spectacular – and very pleased with herself.



Lena Dunham

We truly hope she felt beautiful in this. There’s nothing backhanded in that, we promise. She has had some health issues in the last few years, but she’s also had a lot of longstanding issues with the whole beauty-and-fashion side of fame. She often defaulted to either not putting any effort into her promo looks or going out of her way to make it all look a little clowny, which she admitted was a sort of defense mechanism. Our point here is that she put in a lot of effort on this look – we can’t recall any red carpet appearance where this much obvious work was put into it. We’re not sure the Hairspray style hair is the best choice for her, but we love how elegant and refined this look is while still being in some ways a very Dunham-esque rebuttal to beauty ideals. There’s beauty and power in being free with your body and this is one of the few times we’ve seen her on a red carpet looking happy with herself. We don’t like how the sleeves seem to restrict her, but other than that, we love this design for her.



Joe Alwyn

That scoop neckline is really doing it for us. We really like the layering here and the slightly casual styling. The suit and shoes are fine enough to allow for a little messiness, but the former has a slightly sporty quality that works well with the undershirt and cardigan. That is perfectly messy hair. That took work.



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