Kirby Howell-Baptiste in Viktor & Rolf Couture at THE SANDMAN World Premiere

Posted on August 04, 2022

All week, Tom has been whining to Lorenzo “WHERE is the Sandman cast?!? Why are they not out in the world serving amazing looks, as one would expect from, say, the ruler of Hell or the embodiment of Death?!?” We are happy to report that the cast hit the black carpet for the season premiere serving exactly the kind of semi-weird, extremely eye-catching high-fashion looks we expected from them. Case in point:


We love that she chose something dark and pretty, but so weird that it forces you to deal with it. Viktor & Rolf have a long history of playing around with shapes, silhouettes, and the expectations they tend to inspire. There’s a real sense of fun and whimsy to their work and it can’t always be assessed under traditional style criteria. For instance, a pair of shoulders like that pretty much negates any attempt to talk about proportion, since the designers are clearly fucking with the idea of appropriate proportions deliberately. We like that this manages to feel modern (or even post-modern), but it hearkens back to some centuries-old motifs and tropes. Having said that, we take issue with the short sleeves (longer ones would have balanced out that shoulder action) and we have never liked the visible boning and cups used to evoke foundation wear. The dress has so many elements and takes your eye so many places that it didn’t need all of that distracting white underneath it. LOVE the jewelry. This strikes us as a good way to evoke the dark romanticism of Death the character without showing up in something that looks like it came from her closet. She’s really great in the role and any fans who complain about her casting clearly have no idea what the character is about.


Style Credits:
Viktor & Rolf Black Sheer Dress Featuring an Exaggerated Shoulder Line with White Ruffle Detailing and Adorned with Black and Silver Flower Appliqués from the Spring 2022 Couture Collection


[Photo Credit: Doug Peters/PA Images/INSTARimag/Cover Images, John Rainford/Cover Images, MICHAEL SIMON/ Images,]

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