Kevin Hart, Regina Hall and Mark Wahlberg at the ME TIME Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on August 24, 2022

And now, a study in effort, darling — as in, which of the stars of Me Time is making the effort at the film’s premiere and which of them is not.



Can you guess?


We may have some quibbles with what Kevin and Regina are wearing, but Wahlberg looks like some fan who won a radio contest to have his picture taken with them. We get that it’s a Netflix film and all, but you could’ve at least worn something with buttons, sir.



Mark Wahlberg

Just holding his sunglasses while he stops for a picture, as if we caught him on the way to something else. Whatever. He was never going to be the type to show up in a pink suit, but he used to project a fairly conservative professionalism in his public appearances. This feels almost uncharacteristically lazy.



Kevin Hart in Dolce & Gabbana

It’s a pretty fine ensemble overall, but the fit is too small on him while certain elements like the shirt collar are proportionally too large for him. That collar isn’t even buttoned and it still looks like it’s choking him.



Regina Hall in The Sei (Blouse) and Aliétte (Skirt)

This almost works for us. The top looks a little too shoved into the skirt – which could just be a styling/traveling issue. The skirt looks too threadbare. As a design, it only works if the whole thing is feathered up. The rather sparse placement of the feathers gives the impression that she’s moulting. We’re also not a hundred percent on the color, although the backdrop could be contributing to that impression.





[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix, BauerGriffin/ Images – Video Credit: Netflix/YouTube]

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