Fabian Frankel, Emily Carey, Milly Alcock and Steve Toussaint at the HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Amsterdam Photocall

Posted on August 12, 2022

We made several cracks last week about the House of the Dragon cast not exactly giving off confident vibes with their lackadaisical promotional fashion, but we’re actually impressed by how much HBO is sending this cast out to get their pictures taken all over the world, well before the August 21 premiere date. We were hoping Netflix would give us weeks of The Sandman cast doing this sort of thing, but evidently they don’t have the money in the budget at the moment.


The fashion for this cast, however, remains all over the map.



Fabien Frankel

This is sad. The cuffing here is making us depressed. Let’s move on from this quickly.



Emily Carey

This is insane and probably a little ugly, but we’re just happy to see someone in this cast making an effort. Chanel pays Kristen Stewart millions of dollars to make their classic designs look punk, but she never came as close as this look does to pulling it off. It’s fun.



Milly Alcock

We can’t say we love a brown-and-white look. The combo always comes off a little too “service worker uniform” to us. But we do like the shapes and the style here. We don’t love the clashing browns, though. This might seem a little nitpicky, but it bugs that the button of the pants and the button on the blouse are so prominent and completely different in style. A belt would’ve helped with that.



Steve Toussaint

It’s as low effort as a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but we’ll give him credit for looking presentable and low-key (very low-key) stylish, unlike Fabian.



[Photo Credit: Dutch Press Photo/Cover Images]

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