BODIES BODIES BODIES Star Maria Bakalova Out and About in New York in Louis Vuitton

Posted on August 03, 2022

Darlings, a celebrity sidewalk sashay! Just like they used to do in the Olden Days of circa 2011-2017! That’s one thing we love about Maria Bakalova. The very second her star rose, she grabbed onto fashion and started using it aggressively in her self-promotion. We cannot “attagirl” her loudly enough. Before she headed to Brooklyn for a screening of Bodies Bodies Bodies, she did a little paparazzi time in a cute look:



Well. Semi-cute. We’ve gotta hand it to her for trying to make a pair of luxury jodhpurs work for her, but we think the extremely high and thick-banded waist ruins the proportions. The shirt and shoes are cute, though. Everything is extremely curated and camera-ready, just like those long-ago days when Taylor Swift was walking up and down the sidewalks of America with a succession of empty $10,000 bags on her arm. More Starbucks runs in luxury goods, celebs and stylists. We’ll give you the attention you want.



Style Credits:
Louis Vuitton Star Jacquard Cropped Pullover
Louis Vuitton Tailored Jodhpurs
Louis Vuitton ‘Academy’ Loafer

Styled by Jessica Paster
[Photo Credit: ROGER WONG/ Images,]

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