Brad Pitt, Brian Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor-Johnson at the BULLET TRAIN Paris Premiere

Posted on July 19, 2022

We gave their co-star Joey King the spotlight treatment just for wearing something so discussable, but the dudes of Bullet Train – the ones currently making a promotional tour, that is (Isn’t Bad Bunny in this thing?) – also gave us much to discuss vis á vis their style choices for the evening.


It makes us sad and angry to admit this, but he has a knack for pulling these scrub suits off. This one’s a little too drab in color and the shirt is terrible, but the relaxed vibe actually suits him.



Aaron is still committed to dressing like a villain in an ’80s movie. Today, he looks like he’s about to get killed in a shootout against Eddie Murphy or something. This is not to say that he looks bad. On the contrary; this whole vibe really suits him, right down to the skinny belt and gold medallion. Brian’s suit/shirt combo mostly works, although we think he does better in more structured fits. We also tend to think the kicks are bringing the look down, but he probably figured he was all good since Brad was likely to show up dressed like an inmate.



But they all had fun, at least.




[Photo Credit: Olivier Vigerie/Sony Pictures Entertainment]

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