Joey King in Thom Browne at the BULLET TRAIN Paris Premiere

Posted on July 19, 2022

Why Miss King. Look at you, all grown up and sophisticated. Sorry to sound so surprised, dear. It’s just that you’ve shown a preference of late for some really showy sorts of looks, but this is quietly chic while losing none of the edge or interest you seem to want in your fashion:




We probably should’ve prepared you for the scrolldown, but we think part of the strength of this look comes down to that mild surprise at the hem. What a great way to use sheer and avoid cliche. We know Thom Browne isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but we like when stars figure out how to make the designer’s sometimes tricky aesthetic work for them. She looks weirdly great, which is to say, great in a weird sort of way. We suspect that’s what she was going for. Love the eye makeup. The shoes are kind of a letdown, though.


Style Credits:
Thom Browne Black and White Ensemble

Styled by Jared Eng Studios | Hair by Dimitris Giannetos | Makeup by Polly Osmond


[Photo Credit: Olivier Vigerie/Sony Pictures Entertainment, Jerome Domine/ABACA/INSTARimages/Cover Images]

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