Kristen Bell in Stine Goya at GOOD MORNING AMERICA

Posted on June 22, 2022

There seems to be something of a trend among the celebrity set when it comes to the morning talk shows. Lately, everyone’s been showing up working the brightest, sunshiney-est looks imaginable, as if they all confused a morning talk show with pre-school children’s programming or something. Then again, it’s not like many folks who aren’t puppets or cartoon characters are dressing like this on Sesame Street.


Granted, she’s actually stopping by to talk about her latest children’s book, so we suppose the children’s show host fashion choices here make a certain amount of sense. We’re all for bright and bold fashion, especially when it comes to celebrities doing promotional work. We’re just not convinced on the merits of this particular outfit. The colors are fun, but we don’t love all that mismatched gingham and we kinda loathe the shape of it all. We keep defaulting to the idea that the pieces would be better broken up for other outfits, but we’re not sure that’s true here. Ultimately, it’s kind of a silly-looking outfit.




Style Credits:
Stine Goya ‘Liw’ Top Picnic Check
Stine Goya ‘Debra’ Pants Picnic Check
By Far Mini Soho Bag
By Far x Mimi Cuttrell Slingback Pumps


[Photo Credit: Roger Wong/,, – Video Credit: Good Morning America/YouTube]

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