GEORGE AND TAMMY Star Jessica Chastain for Porter Magazine

Posted on June 27, 2022

“George and Tammy” star Jessica Chastain covers the latest issue of Porter magazine photographed by Micaiah Carter and styled by Helen Broadfoot.






The actor has long been a committed and vocal advocate for gender equality, both in and outside her industry. The shift she has seen since the start of her career has been “seismic”, she says. “And that is exciting, because I do believe that no matter how many people want to force us all to stay in the lanes we were born into, or that society says we have to stay in, we’re moving against that.”

Now, she is as committed as ever to seeking out stories and projects that shift the dial. Earlier in the week, a draft leaked from the US Supreme Court has suggested an overturn of the Roe v Wade decision on legalized abortion. “I think we need to remind each other what history used to look like for women, because it does feel like that has been forgotten,” says Chastain, a public supporter of Planned Parenthood, of what is bringing her inspiration. “In some sense, we’ve taken for granted this idea, [of] being able to live a life free of violence and someone else making decisions about your welfare, your safety… This idea of reminding us what it is like when one group loses their rights – it’s a trickle-down effect. It affects everyone, and so I think the stories I start looking at will have to deal with that.”



[Photo Credit: Micaiah Carter/Porter Magazine]

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