Posted on May 02, 2022

There’s a new, reboot-adjacent Star Trek series dropping this week and the very pretty cast came out for the premiere, serving fashion at a surprisingly high level. Let’s judge their pretty asses!



Anson Mount

Pretty. The suit’s not bad either. We like the color story here, although we think the tie is a mistake. A complementary color would’ve been better than trying (and failing) to match that rather difficult green. We appreciate the fresh-from-the-box shoes, but the pants needed hemming. Still… very pretty. Lorenzo was going through the wire services last night while watching TV on the couch and blurted out “WHO is Anson Mount?” To which Tom replied, “I KNOW, right?”




Babs Olusanmokun

Sir, you almost had us until we got to the pants. This is an us thing, but we hate black dress pants with colorful blazers or sportscoats. This needed to be a full suit. It also needs a different shirt, because that satiny orange doesn’t provide enough contrast and doesn’t photograph well. Love the jacket, vest, hair and shades, though.




Celia Rose Gooding in Pamella Roland

She’s the new Uhura and we think she’s a much better fit than Zoe Saldana ever was. The dress is really pretty and the color looks great on her, but it obscures her waist and the bust is too tight.




Christina Chong in Greta Constantine

She will not be doing any chinups or waving her hands in the air like she just don’t care, but it’s not like those are considerations for a red carpet dress. We think it would be improved as a design with a slimmer neckline or by getting rid of the cutout. We’d have told her to wear something bold and heavy on one of her wrists.




Ethan Peck

The (semi-) new Spock looks great once you take the ears off him, but as much as we like the suit, we don’t think the shirt/tie situation is working. The navy blue shirt could work, but that tie just fades away. More contrast, please.




Jess Bush in Koché

The top of the dress is fine, but that skirt really lets her down. Don’t love the color here, nor do we like the sandals or the puffy hair.




Melissa Navia in Tanner Fletcher

With that hair, you almost have to go a little hard on the fashion, so we appreciate the style, even if we don’t think it quite works. We’d have rather seen that skirt paired with a matching leather jacket than trying to shove a heavy leather blouse into it. We also don’t think the boots work well with the style of skirt. A pair of laceup Doc Martens or a pair of knee-high fitted boots would look better. Her makeup is spectacular, though.




Rebecca Romijn in Pamella Roland

The dress is fun and has a vaguely spacey feel to it, which feels on point for the event. Can’t really argue with the style, even if it doesn’t feel all that fresh. We’d have rec’d a sandal rather than pumps, though.









[Photo Credit: JENNIFER GRAYLOCK/, JOHN NACION/ – Video Credit: Paramount Plus/YouTube]

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