Met Gala 2022: The Gentlemen

Posted on May 04, 2022

Some of the dudes at the Met Gala were really boring, and some of the dudes were really stylish, and a small slice of dudes served us true fashion WTFery in the manner we prefer, but they’re all going to get judged. Gentlemen, start your engines…


Bad Bunny in Burberry

We get what he was going for – a modern take on Gilded Age womenswear elements – and we really appreciate it. We just don’t like it very much. The color doesn’t photograph well and the skirt just looks like a tarp. It has no shape and makes him look about eleven feet tall.




Ben Platt in Christian Cowan

Another instance of “We appreciate it, but we just don’t like it.” The corset/jacket with the pearl chain detail is interesting and appreciated. We don’t like the flared pants or the shoes. We hate to be essentialist about this sort of thing, but some guys are well-suited to playing around with traditionally femme fashion tropes and some guys just aren’t. He’s the latter.




Bradley Cooper in Louis Vuitton

We’re all so impressed that you’re too good for this, Bradley.




Cole Sprouse in Versace

We kinda like the white satin on him, but it doesn’t photograph very well. Hate the overdesigned shirt.




Evan Mock in Head of State

This has nothing to do with the Gilded Age and we don’t think we’d like it on a lot of other wearers, but he’s really well suited to it. No one else looked quite like him that night.




Finneas in Gucci

We’re intrigued by the coat design and we love the waistcoat, but the pussy bow blouse is obscuring them. He’d have been better off without a shirt.




Jack Harlow in Givenchy

The cut of the jacket is a little odd, but he has a real knack for wearing high fashion. He looks great.




Jacob Elordi in Burberry

He’s one of those guys who just does really well with conventional male suiting; largely because he’s got that ’50s movie star look going on. Basically, he’s giving “Rock Hudson covered in spiders” and somehow, that seems to work for him.




James McAvoy in Giorgio Armani

That vest/cummerbund situation doesn’t look right to our eyes, but damn if he doesn’t look good in traditional white tie and tails. We wish he’d gone for the top hat.




Kid Cudi in Kenzo

Love the cape – especially the lining – and the ruffled cuffs. Love the color of the tux, but hate the shape of it. The boots look wrong with all of it.




Kodi Smit-McPhee in Bottega Veneta

He told the press that his look was a salute to casual Fridays, Americana, and the invention of blue jeans, which happened right around the Gilded Age. It’s a confusing mish-mash of references, none of which are right for the Met Gala. This is a huge disappointment after his amazing fashion during his Oscar campaign.




Lenny Kravitz in Chrome Hearts

We know this is blasphemy, but we’ll repeat what we said the last time: he’s aging out of this style and really should consider something else. He’s still smoking hot with a great body, so there are a ton of fashion directions to go in. The lace is not working for us at all.




Lin-Manuel Miranda in Paul G. Tazewell

Don’t shove your hands in your pockets while posing in white tie, sir. In other news, that’s a killer haircut. He looks like he stepped out of the stylist’s chair ten minutes ago.




Oscar Isaac in Thom Browne

This looks pretty great on him, but given the hem length, we think he should have worn shoes.




Paul Mescal in Valentino

That mustache is doing a lot for him. Love the velvet lapels and the brooch, but the jacket looks oversized on him.



Questlove in Zegna

That textile is gorgeous and he said he was paying homage to Andre Leon Talley, which means it works for us. We hate the shoes, though.




Regé-Jean Page in Giorgio Armani

What an unfortunate-looking man. Should never show his face in public. Tragic, really. At least the jacket’s nice.




Sebastian Stan in Valentino

We think the ensemble is really fun and he looks fantastic in that shade of pink, but it’s too casual.




Shawn Mendes in Tommy Hilfiger

This is a gorgeous look and we give him at least a little credit for wearing it, because his style tends to be really bland for a pop star. Our only issue is that it doesn’t go far enough for us. It just looks like nice menswear, not Met Gala fashion.




Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in Thom Browne

Referring to our comments about Ben Platt, you don’t have to be femme to make femme elements work; you just need to have a certain flair and confidence. To be fair, this is 98% traditional menswear, but the gold floral applique is exceptionally eye-catching. He looks stunning and we LOVE the diamond hair clip.





[Photo Credit: Jennifer Graylock/, JOHN NACION/, Mike Coppola/Getty Images, Charles Guerin/Abaca/, Pa Images/]

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