Cathy Cambridge in Self-Portrait at a Visit to the Maternity Royal Colleges

Posted on April 27, 2022

The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out with Auntie Princess Anne to visit the Royal College of Midwives (of which Anne is a patron) and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (of which Kate is a patron). We said we were going to pull back on covering every little day visit by the Duchess, but she had to go and wear something relatively interesting and stylish – and colorless, of course.



It’s a great look that checks off all her style boxes (retro, demure, royal af, neutral), but we don’t agree with any of the styling choices here. The shoes are too close to the color of the dress without being a match. Since the bag and belt are perfect matches, the shoes tend to stand out more. We think all of the accessories should’ve been brown, to be honest. And we think she’s defaulting to pearls too often lately. They don’t exactly clash with this style, but they don’t do much for it.

The Princess Royal has probably owned that coat for forty years and worn it three thousand times. Of all the royals, she’s the best at securing sturdy, long-lasting clothes that never really go out of style, which is funny, because she was as big a trend-dresser in her youth as Diana was in hers.



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Self-Portrait Tailored Crepe Midi Dress


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