International Fashion Spotlight: Hong Kong-based Label athenaeum(m.)

Posted on February 21, 2022

Sometimes, you just want to shut up and let the designer’s work speak for itself. Hong Kong-based design brand athenaeum(m.), at the hand of creative director Maness Ko, has the kind of cool, modern, achingly romantic and retro-infused clothes that feel very much like where fashion is headed, but with a deep appreciation of where it’s been.

“Creating romance influenced by art and culture, athenaeum(m.) gracefully blends sophisticated elegance and historically-inspired elements with a splash of flamboyance, infused with a modern approach. The poetry of the feminine silhouette is revealed by both light and shadow crafted from layers of sheer and opaque textiles.

The brand aims to create high-quality stylish clothing with high wearability, offering a capsule wardrobe for modern women to provide them a sense of romance & freedom in daily life.”









[Photo Credit: Courtesy of athenaeum(m.)]

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