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Posted on January 18, 2022

Because we’re all about The Youth around here, we thought we’d check in on Willow Smith who delivered a look over the weekend that we just can’t stop returning to in growing admiration. Be warned, however: We’re not talking some sort of werq-it-gurl serve; just a cute, smart fresh take on a classic, similar to Hunter Schafer’s updated 1987 look last night.


We’re not planning on overthinking this or over-praising it, but we really do love how she took the musty old “schoolgirl” look and added a shot of punk and a nonbinary (what they would’ve called “androgyny” in the punk era) presentation style that completely upends the undertones of the look, without lapsing into a similarly stereotypical “schoolgirl punk” look. It’s less about the “girl becoming a woman” style of classic Britney or the “broken-down prom queen rage” of classic Courtney Love and feels more like an expression of someone growing up and shedding her childish self.

Okay, maybe we overthought it a weensy bit. Still, we just love the cropped hair and septum ring combo with that blouse and skirt. We’re not a hundred percent on the patterned tights, but we appreciate that she didn’t do, like, ripped fishnets or something. Similarly the legwarmers and shoes are an unexpected swerve away from the possibly more expected knee socks or combat boots. What can we say? It’s a cute look that suits her and feels like a smarter, fresher take than you might otherwise assume.


[Photo Credit: Robert Smith/INSTARimages.com]

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