“The 355” Star Diane Kruger Covers Women’s Health January/February Issue

Posted on December 21, 2021

Diane Kruger likes to be in control. But as any new mom can attest, your time isn’t often your own, so a fresh fitness outlook became the actor’s only opportunity to reconnect with her spirit. For the January/February 2022 Women’s Health cover story, Kruger opens up to Molly Creeden about how she found her way back to herself.



On diving in – at six months postpartum – to training for her upcoming film project, The 355: “It was daunting. But after six months of being a full-time mom, I was ready to get back to me, and to get out of the house. It was fun to have a few hours away each day to focus on my body and my work. It was exhilarating to go back to working out—to lifting heavy, kicking higher, and trusting my body.”

On having a desire to work with more female co-leads, as she did on The 355: “It felt great to work with girls, and there was no weirdness on-set. Jessica [Chastain] made sure all of the actresses were paid the same; we all own a piece of the movie. Regardless of how the film does, it was one of the most complete experiences. Being able to be heard and valued is so important—not just in what I do, but everywhere.”

On being surrounded by other working moms on the set of The 355: “One thing that was wonderful about this film was that many of us were mothers. We were allowed to bring our children to set and had a trailer for the kids. That was a lovely thing, where you can sense that the producer is a woman with a child.”

On relishing the solo time of her gym routine: “It’s the moments when I don’t have to talk to anyone that help me the most. I’m a little socially awkward; I’m not good at schmoozing with people, so I’ve always looked for moments to be by myself.”

On truly embracing the versatility of a body that not only brought her a baby, but rebuilt her for an unprecedented role: “There are so many things you don’t have control over in life. But to be able to change your body—there’s something thrilling about that.”


The January/February issue of Women’s Health featuring Diane Kruger hits newsstands nationwide on December 28.


[Photo Credit: Beau Grealy for Men’s Health Magazine]

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