Alicia Keys Covers November Issue of Marie Claire Magazine

Posted on November 09, 2021

Alicia Keys covers the November digital issue of Marie Claire, which just went live. In the piece she opens up about balancing her marriage and family life, her new album Keys and much more.




On finally feeling strong and free creatively: “I’m reaching a place where I’m much more confidently clear about the power I possess. I’ve always been strong and determined. I haven’t not known my power, but now I’m clearly aware of all of it, as opposed to just pieces of it.”

On her new album Keys: “I created the whole album sitting at the piano. It felt so good to just sit there. I felt so comfortable coming back to my home base, back to that rawness and exploring even more of this kind of jazzy energy I started with…to create a confidence and a level of reckoning and willingness. I wanted to own my lane.”

On the importance of family time: “My time is important. I want to have time with my family. I want to raise my kids. I don’t want to always be 60,000 miles away.” But when work does pick up, she sits and talks with her sons about her absence. She’ll say, “‘It’s going to feel like I’m not around as much and you’re going to feel it. I’m feeling it, too. It’s okay. This is a season.’ We have to have these types of conversations.”

On creating music during the pandemic: “Everybody was like, ‘Are you just so creative because you have all this time in the house?’”… “I was like, ‘No, actually. I do not feel like that at all’. I didn’t even know how to work. What was I supposed to work on? Where was I supposed to work? And when? It was so much of making sure everything was organized and the kids were good….I started to go back to stream-of-consciousness writing… I was holding so much. You feel claustrophobic. The world is falling apart, and the government is shit and you’re like, What does anything mean? When I would be able to express those anxious feelings and say I’m falling apart, there would be room for things to come in.”

On her new lifestyle and beauty brand, Keys Soulcare: “Keys Soulcare is an accumulation of all the things I’ve realized over the years. I can find the place to feel good and feel like myself. It’s about this idea of nurturing your soul and honoring yourself and starting to create rituals and opportunities for you to connect with yourself”.

On what representation means to her family: “Every room in this house has a beautiful Black face. When my kids walk in this house, they look on these walls they see their beautiful Blackness and it is normal. That does give you a certain sense of validation or belonging.”


Style Credits:
Giorgio Armani Coat
Bulgari Rings
Paris Texas boots

Styled by: Jason Bolden
Hair by Larry Sims
Makeup by Cherish Brooke

[Photo Credit: Yu Tsai/Marie Claire Magazine]

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