Pop Style Opinionfest: Let’s Talk About TV Stuff

Posted on October 01, 2021


As the title says, it’s time for another round of T LO TEEVEE TALK for this week’s podcast. With all the red carpetry slamming into our faces lately, we haven’t had much time to tell you what we think of several shows that have hit the zeitgeist in the past month. Let’s correct that!

But before we get into all of that, we weigh in on one show we’ve never seen so much as a minute of: Grey’s Anatomy. This isn’t a review, but a response and reaction to star Ellen Pompeo’s rather astonishing story of calling Denzel Washington a motherfucker and somehow thinking it made her sound cool or something. We unpack why we think it differs from other on-set meltdown stories, why we’re not interested in visiting our outrage on her, what the implications of her rant really are, and how it relates to a certain recent story in which a star inadvertently showed us who they really are.

After that, let’s talk about Midnight Mass on Netflix, kittens.




One of us loved it! One of us had a LOT of problems with it! Let’s fight!


Also: Y: The Last Man.




Tom had a love-hate relationship with the comic this show (on FX/Hulu) is based on, but he’ll tell you why the creators have done an admirable job of modernizing the story and making the right choice to de-center the title character. Lorenzo is enjoying it but he’s having a really hard time getting past his dislike of one, hard-to-ignore aspect of the show.

And finally, Apple TV+’s Asimov adaptation Foundation, starring Jared Harris and Lee Pace.



Once again, we’re not in entire agreement on this one, but you’ll have to listen in for the details, because we think you’ll be surprised by who’s saying what about this extremely Asimovian adaptation. Also: Lee Pace’s arms get a mention, but then again, why wouldn’t they?


It’s all here, darlings. All the laughter, all the tears, all the whining and opinions. PLUS: Hear more than you ever wanted to know about our bathroom project! Who takes care of you? Thank you for listening to our dribbling, dolls!



[Photo Credit: Eike Schroter/Netflix, Rafy/FX, Apple TV+, Rich Fury/Getty Images]

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