“Maid” Star Andie MacDowell at “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”

Posted on October 22, 2021

We are living for Miss Andie’s gorgeous silvery mane and we’re loving that she’s having a bit of a career renaissance acting alongside her daughter Margaret Qualley in Netflix’s maid. With that in mind, it is with heavy hearts that our support and cheerleading stops at this outfit.




We have been applauding all of the various interpretations of the pantsuit over the years, all of which help to bolster the idea that it truly is one of the most versatile of ensembles, easily molded to suit the times and trends. But when it comes to the boxy suit, we it’s best deployed very sparingly and we tend to think it doesn’t work as well in bold colors. This cut doesn’t look boxy so much as it all looks to be several sizes too large for her; an impression helped along by the utterly massive cuffs on those pants. None of this is working for us.




[Photo Credit: John Eddy/Instarimages.com, ROGER WONG/INSTARimages.com]

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