Khloé Kardashian on Raising True & Staying Well for Health Magazine

Posted on October 13, 2021

From supporting her sisters to raising her daughter, Khloé Kardashian’s focus on family has never been stronger. Gracing Health’s November issue, she opens up about being a mom to True, her emotional wellness and fitness journey, and the importance of inclusivity in her businesses such as Good American and Dose & Co. collagen.




  • On how she’s teaching True about the importance of family: “My family is glued to one another regardless, but with COVID and the lockdown, her cousins were her only friends for a bit. There were no play classes or anything like that. Even though she’s young, she definitely knows about family. As kids, family was always at the core of every conversation. No matter what, you support one another. You’re allowed to argue and disagree. I could never imagine not speaking to one of my sisters. It just doesn’t happen. My sisters have gotten into some brutal, literally punching fights. But you get over it—there’s no other option. And we’re raising the cousins to almost feel like they’re siblings. I don’t care if they disagree—that’s inevitable. And, of course, I want them to talk through their feelings and feel validated. But there’s just no option for us to be separated and not talk to one another.”
  • On her approach to staying healthy and happy: “For me, it’s about practicing healthy habits on a daily basis. I have to think of it as a lifestyle rather than thinking I want to try this diet or some other thing someone was talking about. I’m so over that stage in my life. It’s cliché, but it’s all about mind, body, and soul. If I am not mentally strong then I physically feel like I can’t do what I want to do. So, it is really not about the physical appearance. That’s a by-product. You can tell when someone is genuinely happy from the inside out.”
  • On making sure that Good American was true to its mission of inclusivity: “We never did otherwise. With so many retail partners, we walked away from lucrative deals because they weren’t willing to carry the full size range. That wouldn’t be what we signed up for. It would be us getting a cash grab, and that just wasn’t why we started. We didn’t need another denim brand in the world. We needed inclusivity. We needed people to feel represented.”
  • On the wellness practice she’s still working on: “I’m forever trying to drown out the noise that doesn’t matter—especially in the world of Instagram. It’s such a gift, and it’s a curse. There’s been so many days that I’m like, I feel so badass and good. And then my demeanor will be shot down because someone posted a story about how they perceive me or how they think I look. It’s so strange because we know the truth about ourselves. So why let what someone says affect you? But it does. It didn’t when I was younger. Normally, when you’re older you turn into titanium. Sometimes I let that stuff get to me, and I have to actively drown that noise out.”


The November issue of Health will be available for sale on October 15th.


[Photo Credit: Dennis Leupold/Health Magazine]

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