“Pieces of a Woman” and “Mission Impossible” Star Vanessa Kirby at the Alexander McQueen Show

Posted on October 13, 2021

When Vanessa Kirby was on the Oscars track last year, we noted that her promotional style tended toward a very sleek and classic sort of aesthetic that we classified as “Revlon ad fashion.” Simple, uncomplicated gowns with some sparkle or sexiness thrown into the mix, but nothing particularly risk-taking or difficult for her to pull off. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Good style is largely defined by playing to your strengths, and it’s hard to deny that a statuesque blonde with runway model proportions doesn’t look great in a basic column gown. Entire careers have been based on the idea. All of which is a preface to our pleasant surprise at this slightly harder, fussier take:



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Granted, you dress for the occasion when you’re asked to sit front row, especially at the European shows. It stands to reason that picking from the McQueen merch pile meant fewer opportunities to stay in her comfort zone. Do we love this? Not entirely. That skirt’s so tricky it’s making our eyelids twitch. On the other hand, we do like seeing her in something with a little shoulder action, some heavy belt action, a cropped jacket, some heavy boots – it all feels like things she could work into the rotation more. We’d love to see her in some Thom Browne.



Style Credits:
Alexander McQueen Black Ensemble

Styled by Holly White | Hair by Odile Gilbert | Makeup by Jo Baker


[Photo Credit: Holly White/Instagram/@hollyevawhite]

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